Kingston continues to dominate the HWzone RAM memory market

Kingston continues to dominate the RAM memory market

The American company continues to accelerate forward, and is approaching 60 of the total market revenue of the modules market The DRAM. Who trailed behind her on the list?

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Is Kingston on its way to becoming a de facto monopoly in the RAM market? as per Updated report Of the TrendForce group of analysts, the US supplier ended 2014 with an unprecedented 59 percentage of total market revenue, which represents 44 growth of its 2013 revenue. Who is the loser? And Corsair, mostly.

The information presented refers to revenue rather than to units sold by each of the players, which may present a different picture than the one we are accustomed to. However, there is a natural connection between revenue and sales - Kingston sold 5 more memory modules than any other supplier on the market
The information presented talks about revenue rather than units sold by each of the actresses, which may present a different snapshot than we are used to, but nevertheless there is a natural relationship between revenue and sales - Kingston sells more 5 modules From any other supplier in the market, and that can not be challenged

The second highest place was Ramaxel Taiwan, which provides modules for a number of large enterprise customers , Reaching 675 revenues last year, a handsome increase of about 12 of its 2013 revenue. Other suppliers that can be satisfied are Micron, Apacer and Team Group, who recorded several tens of millions of dollars in their 2014 rallies.

The main losers on the list of the top 10 on the market are actually two of the most well-known players in the Israeli market, ADATA וCoursayer, Which recorded a double-digit decrease in revenue in 2014 compared to what reached it in 2013. However, Still managed to maintain its third place in the leading entry lists, by the way.

Even the profits of the small number of small vendors in the market, which did not go into personal detail, recorded a reduction of nearly 15 percent in revenues - apparently indicating that the market's convergence towards a situation would leave only a relatively small number of significant players. However, it seems we are still not quite there, as all those small, modest actresses are still "worth" a pretty impressive 700 $ 1 million total revenue.

The DRAM memory market continues to grow - and Kingston is the one who takes most of the benefits from the whole story
Street market The DRAM continues to grow at an impressive rate - and Kingston is the one who gets most of the benefits of the whole story

It should be made clear that this is the revenue share of the RAM module market only - the same 'sticks' of memory that you purchase for your laptops or laptops. This is not about the revenues of the makers of the RAM chips themselves, or the memory market built into video cards, tablets and smartphones - in these cases the memories usually come directly from the manufacturers, where in this category the fight is mainly between SK Hynix, סמסונג And Micron.

Despite the huge difference between Kingston and all the other players, Keeps keep on relatively. The gaps between second, third and fourth place revenues in the table are very small, as is the fifth and ninth places as these struggles help maintain a competitive price level - and impressive overall market growth (total revenue increased by 1.5 billion from 2013 to -2014) seemingly assures us that none of the companies will rush out of the race and give up its foothold.

Is the designated passage To the DDR4 generation Even for systems The mainstream Will help scramble the cards and renew the the competition Between Kingston and all the rest, or will it only help the American supplier strengthen its uncompromising control? Whatever happens, we very much hope to continue seeing wars And prices that will help us all enjoy more competitive hardware at winking prices.

The expected conversion of the DDR4 to the new standard in the market will succeed in changing something?
The expected transformation of The DDR4 Will the new standard in the market succeed in changing something?


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  1. It was strange that Coursier was so low there that I did not know
    Maybe it's because the memories are so good that there are no repeat customers ... holding on for years

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