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Laptop and Video Cards: Network Hardware Deals

A fresh inventory of interesting products at great prices awaits you in online stores

Amazon continues to provide us with countless reasons to spend our money, and even if you find it hard to resist the temptations, this article is probably for you - so you can at least choose the most viable offer.

One-terabyte Crucial MX500 SSD drive And in the M.2 configuration drops to an unprecedented price level of 98 dollars, or 123.08 dollars includes VAT and home delivery, which means 445 is about NIS.

Pilot's Mushkin NVMe drives, based on Silicon Motion's SM2262 controller, also received a significant price cut - Model 500GB Available now for $ 72.3 (NIS 265) including delivery to Israel, while model In one terabyte volume It will cost you 140.74 dollars including VAT and shipping (NIS 510).

A handy drive priced at a pocket

A highly affordable laptop from Acer Includes an 15.6-inch IPS screen and an 1080p resolution, Core i5-8250U quad-core processor, memory Of 8GB, Drive Of 256GB and also a sample graphic card MX150 at a cost of only 500 dollars, or 642.18 dollars includes VAT and shipping to Israel, which is about NIS 2,310.

Very lucrative for everyday use - you just need to add keyboard stickers in Hebrew

A pair of impressive Corsair DDR4 memories with a total volume of 32GB (16GB per module), 2,666MHz base speed and CL16 timings with built-in RGB illumination At 180.22 $ including VAT and shipping - NIS 650 value.

They want to Even in your dynamic memories? This is the most profitable deal for you

A pair of advanced DDR4 memories from Mushkin with a total of 16GB, 3,200MHz and CL16 Available at the price of 81.76 dollars including shipping, which are 300 shekels.

At peak speed without the need for VAT

NVIDIA Fresh EVFIA GeForce GTX Series video cards are available for purchase at fairly short prices that are slightly below the recommended minimum threshold - XC Black Gaming model with a single GTX 1660 Ti fan Sold for 330.71 dollars including VAT and shipping (NIS 1,190), XC Gaming XC Gaming Single Fan Model Available on 260.51 USD (940 NIS) XC Black Gaming model of the GTX 1650 Offered at $ 188.08.

The tickets are from home Are able to stand out from the competition little thanks to their prices

Corsair's powerful and powerful Force MP510 drive gets another cut and can now be purchased for $ 72.28 including shipping to the country for 480GB, Ie 265 shekels.

A fast SSD drive was added to the NVMe standard, this time from Silicon Power and based on the Phison E12 controller, Available at a price of 137.66 dollars per one terabyte.

XeroxXGB DDR4 series of Nikon's Ballistix Sport LT with 16MHz base speed and CL3,200 Available for $ 82.73 (300) including shipping. Ballistix Sport LT white color, 32GB (16GB per module) with 3,200MHz speed and CL16 timings Can be yours for $ 185.95 including VAT and shipping, which means 670 is worth.

For laptop or compact notebook adapters, DDR2NUMX in Patriot SO-DIMM with total volume of 4GB, CL32 timings and base speed of 16MHz Are sold at a final price of 154.77 USD, or NIS 560 only.

16GB per stick costs under NIS 300 per unit - this is a line we couldn't even imagine just a few months ago

Western Digital External Hard Drives at Interest Rates: WD Elements model of 4 terabyte Will cost you 90.82 British pounds which are 415 shekels, My Book Black Tone 6 Is priced at 122.66 pounds or NIS 560 My Book Model of 8 Terabyte Costs 136.39 pounds including VAT and shipping, which are worth 620. Very lucrative - though note that you must be registered to Amazon Online Prime service To get the best shipping prices.

Discounts of tens of percent relative to the price of external mechanical drives here in Israel

Want to renew your NVIDIA Pascal video card as well? You can now find the popular GeForce GTX 1060 6GB at a final price of 180 British pounds including VAT and shipping, NIS 820 worth, both In the MSI Aero model And they In PNY's dual-ventilated XLR8 model.

It has been a generation before - but the price is definitely lucrative

More SSD operations landing on us: A terabyte version of Samsung's great 970 EVO (In M.2 configuration and NVMe standard of course) returns to its lowest price, 207.59 dollars includes VAT and shipping which are worth NIS 745, And a terabyte version of SanDisk's SSD Plus Available at a base price of less than 100 dollars, or 124 dollars including VAT and shipping which are NIS 445.


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