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Mechanical or solid state: A variety of storage products at great discounts

Original article: External mechanical hard drive, drive Tiny exterior and drive Internal in bulk - everyone is looking forward to you now across the net

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The prices of storage products do not stop going down and provide us with enticing reasons to spend money - so we decided to share with you the latest worthy deals we have come across so you can ponder too.

The highlight is a British offer for an up-to-date mechanical digital hard drive from Western Digital's My Book series, in XBUM volume and black, with a final price of 10 British pounds including VAT and shipping Prime monthly that lowers shipping costs - trial registration can be found at this link).

This price translates into NIS 750 to the value calculated by converting one percent of the entire transaction value into a conversion fee - which means a discount of NIS 640 (!) From the cheapest price for a model in the same volume in the country. If this is not something worthy of a remarkable price, it is hard for us to imagine what it is.

External at NIS 75 per terabyte only - fancy price for almost anyone who needs maximum benefit

Additional details and purchase:

Good external 10TB hard drive - at half the Israeli price

MyNamx Western Black's My Book Mechanical Model at Impressive Volume of 10 Terabytes is offered at Amazon UK for a discount of NIS 650 (!) At the cheapest prices in local stores - all it takes to enjoy the price is a British Prime Prime subscription

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750 ש"ח

Another Western Digital drive of a similar design (but in very different dimensions and performance) is the My Passport The tiny, with impressive 2 terabytes of volume, a modern USB Type-C interface, support for 256 Bit full AES encryption and continuous file transfer of up to 540 megabytes per second - now available at 329.21 dollars price including VAT and shipping That is, NIS 1,160. Cheaper full of drives Internal in those And in the same volume.

The deal seems to be on the drive This exterior replaces the barrel for the drive The rugged exterior of , Which was available last week and is now ending

Additional details and purchase:

2TB external SSD drive - at an impressive price drop

Western Digital's My Passport Tiny SSD Model, in silver and black tones and capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of up to 540 megabytes per second - gets an additional 30 dollar cut for its lowest price in the past

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1,160 ש"ח

For more offers and deals click here

For dessert, interested in the drive Bulk internals can find an interesting deal price for the Ultra 3D By SanDisk (which also now belongs to, As is known), at 2 terabytes and with continuous transfer speeds of up to 560 megabytes per second, Random with small 4KB files up to 95,000IOPS and a five-year warranty with 500 Terabyte writing scope.

The drive in question is now available on Amazon US for $ 246.51, which is NIS 870 in value in a total conversion fee calculation - a pretty impressive price that we've only seen on a few different occasions in the past for such a volume.

No matter if you are looking Internal storage Or externally - we have something to suit you

Additional details and purchase:

2 terabytes SSD drive on SanDisk - assuming hundreds of shekels

SanDisk Ultra 2D SSD Volume Model by SanDisk with the use of modern 3D TLC chips and a five-year warranty - now sold for less than NIS 3 including all the necessary extras

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870 ש"ח

updating: The discounted 10TB model stock at Amazon UK has unfortunately ended - but you have another chance to buy the same model now at Amazon USA at a final price of 237.28 dollars including VAT and shipping. Expensive slightly from the previous deal (about NIS 840 including calculation of extra conversion fee) but still significantly cheaper than any other price you'll find in the country, even for external 8TB drives.

Additional details and purchase:

Western Digital External Hard Drive 10TB at extra offer price

Even if you missed the offer price for the model at Amazon UK - you can buy it now at Amazon United States for hundreds of shekels compared to local costs in Israel

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840 ש"ח

2 Update: Also drive T5 Series Mobile The volume of 2 terabytes is offered at a discounted price of 338.85 dollars plus VAT and home delivery cost, as NIS 1,195 which is a discount of NIS 650 compared to the price you will find in the same model in stores in Israel.

Additional details and purchase:

Samsung External SSD 2TB Volume Reduced Price

Need a large volume external SSD but don't necessarily like WD and SanDisk products? You can choose the Samsung 2TB version of the successful T5 family for a final price of just under NIS 1,200

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1,195 ש"ח

3 Update: Another drive External becomes very lucrative suddenly - the 512GB model of the My Passport Compact and designed from home Drop down again to a price level that is slightly lower than 75 dollars, so the Israeli consumer does not need to pay VAT for it. The final price that comes with shipping to Israel is 81.6 dollars, which are only NIS 290 - which is definitely a deal that you do not meet every day in this category. .

This is not the drive The fastest exterior on the market - but at a discount of NIS 200 than what you will find in Israel, it's very hard to refuse

Additional details and purchase:

High-quality portable SSD drive at 512GB - without VAT

Offer price returned! Western Digital My Passport SSD Model 512GB Drops Below the 75 Dollar Threshold in Amazon US

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