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Last call: Hardware operations behind the Prime Day

Did you miss the Prime Day deals? There are a few more impressive offers that are available online now

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Even if you have not managed to exploit nobody from Quality operations Them We have presented to you during A pair of days Celebration Amazon's Prime Day, There is no reason to be disappointed - even now there are some significant discounts that are very worth knowing.

Micron's NVME Crucial P1 drives with a dense QLC chip are sold at the lowest levels to date - 114.24 dollars including VAT and shipping to Israel To a one terabyte model And 67.39 dollars To the volume of 500GB, Ie 410 shekels and NIS 240 respectively.

An additional SSD of Crucial BX 500 Micron and a familiar 2.5-inch configuration is available at the price of 114.37 USD To the volume of 960GB - about NIS 410, which is a very attractive offer, along with a price of 56.68 dollars (NIS 205) only Inflate 480GB of the same model.

A recognized brand at a minimal price that stands out for the better, even in a market where competition is strongest

A pair of DDR4 memories from an 16GB V-Color company are available on a huge offer - Base speed of 3,000MHz alongside CL15 timings and built-in RGB illumination that supports synchronization with motherboards from ASRock, MSI and At a final price of 67.02 USD, or ILS 240.

Chips Quality are waiting inside

Kingston's A400 SSD drive is offered at a very low price of 33.3 dollars including shipping to the 240GB volume - approximately NIS 120, when three such drives can be purchased together without exceeding the Israeli VAT exemption threshold, so that the price received will be 85.9 USD or NIS 102 per drive.

Buying a single drive does not pay much more than you can find in Israel - but if you decide to purchase a few units you can enjoy one of the lowest price levels ever

Seagate Expansion Family Storage Drive at a great price for 8 terabyte volume - 159.59 dollars only, or 570 shekels compared to NISNNUMX shekels or more for similar volume models here in Israel.

LG's great 27UK850-W screen For an amazing price - an 27 IPS panel and an 3,840 resolution × 2,160 pixels with an average brightness of 350 nit, support for the HDR10 standard, 99 coverage of the total color of the sRGB standard and support for FreeSync technology At a refresh rate of up to 60, Hertz is sold at $ 611.07, including VAT and delivery to the house, including NIS 2,165, as opposed to NIS 3,400 in local stores!

The screen is designed and appears to have dropped tens of percentage points from the local price

Black Steel Arctis 3 Earphones, Designed for Sony's latest consoles, And Nintendo (and smart devices) are sold for 65.94 dollars, which are 235 shekels.

Razer Naga Trinity Wire Gaming Mouse Designed primarily for fans of mass role games and MOBA games offered on 70.26 dollars, or 250 shekels compared to NISNNUMX shekels or more in the Israeli market.

Acer Inspiron 15 Touch Screen Notebook, Which powered the cloud system of With 15.6-inch 1080p panel, Pentium N4200 quad-core processor, 4GB LPDDR4 memory, volume Internal 32GB and battery designed to allow 12 working hours, sold at the lowest price to date 294.23 dollars, or 1,045 shekels only.

The Brave - MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Duke Video Card with Triple Air Cooling (And a somewhat problematic credibility record, according to the users, it is worth noting) is sold in 545.73 dollars, which are 1,935 shekels and constitute the lowest cost for a model 2070 we met.

Want RTX 2080? No problem - Here too Zotac's Twin Fan model Sold at the lowest cost we have seen to date, 2,751.9 shekels including VAT and shipping (through Newegg's international store).

The liquidation prices for the The early ones continue to flow toward us

Deal equal to Amazon Prime subscription holders (which significantly reduces shipping costs) - Samsung LU28H750 Screen 28 in size and resolution With Quantum Dot technology to improve contrast sold for 301.52 pounds, or 1,335 shekels compared to more than 2,000 shekels for the same model in Israel.

HP XMUMGB EX920 HP NVMY Drive Offered at a lower price than the VAT exemption threshold - $ 73.49 including shipping, or 260.

A pair of DDR4 memories at 2,400MHz speed and CL16 timings with a black and gold cooling body from Team Group It is offered at 65.52, including shipping, which is 235.

4 Terabyte Western Digital External Hard Drive Available in Amazon Germany at a final price of EUR 89.31 only - or NIS 355, compared to prices starting from ILS 550 in Israel.

Western Digital Compact Hard Disk 3 Still available at VAT-free price - 84.16 USD includes shipping to your home, meaning approximately NIS 1NXX.

Dessert, It should be noted that some of the AMD's second Ryzen processors continue to be sold at Amazon at prices we have not seen before - So do not forget to look at these options for your system as well.


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  1. I and two other friends ordered the 480 gigabyte of Crucial. Fantastic price for quality product.

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