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Tiny, fast and tough external storage drives - at competitive prices

The WarpDrive venture purports to be the next generation of USB drives with drive capabilities Filled with tiny, durable packaging - and at a relatively competitive price

Over 1,800 skiers have already been convinced and bought, and now you have a few last days to join - looking for large terabytes of storage or 2 terabytes that will take you anywhere, just like the USB drives that were very popular a few years ago and gradually cleared You have their place for cloud storage and drives External in enlarged dimensions? WarpDrive may be the solution for you.

The Hong Kong-based company launched its first crowdfunding venture on the Kickstarter platform, and actually offers a tiny M.2 drive that supports the NVMe 2242 standard (22 millimeter width and 42 millimeter width) within a dedicated USB XX hard-core PCI Express XNUM adapter Realtek 3.0 Gen3.2 allows you to receive theoretical transfer speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second, while maintaining backward compatibility for existing connections Modern from the last few years.

Drives Rapids are becoming extremely compact in the modern age - and some are trying to take advantage of this to revolutionize the external storage industry

The WarpDrive offers a black or red tinted aluminum case weighing only 29 grams and with IP67 standard water and dust resistance, along with a silicone bumper over it designed to soften shocks and falls and an internal graphene layer to effectively dissipate heat generated in the controller., Similar to the mechanisms that are becoming popular on current smartphones. Drive Itself is based on MLC chips that should provide a lifetime worthy of most purchasers' typical use over time, and although the creators do not commit to Any Random - There is good reason to believe that this drive will properly compete with the performance of any drive Sold in the market, and will probably win the battle as well.

The technical data is not as detailed as we would like - but there are quite a few reasons for optimism about the product's performance and capabilities

The product has been able to raise an equivalent amount of 325,000 dollars so far, with three days remaining for the fundraising venture - and if you want, you can choose to order one model in one terabyte at a cost of about 127 dollars including shipping to the country, or at a price of about 197 dollars Free for maximum available 2 terabytes. The drive supply is scheduled to begin in March 2020, assuming that development and production are progressing properly of course - which is not guaranteed in advance, as with any project Such.

Waste of money or Cool? Tell us in the comments.

Click here to go to the project's fundraising page on Kickstarter


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  1. This is the dream that I have two terra bun ki and SSD even HHD I have not achieved so far in ki ki, if it really works, maybe I prefer to turn on the computer from it, the problem is that I will not buy something that will come to me in six months, and then its price will be Half of what it is today…
    I'll wait to see it in stores myself.

  2. Just an off-topic question:
    What's up with the project fails?
    What's up with the money?
    After all, the money won't come back to investors right?

  3. No, the money doesn't come back.

    If the project fails and the money is over then there is also no way to pay it back and if the project fails and there is more money left then the developer can return the money directly to the participants but it is up to him.

  4. For "22 millimeters thickness and 42 millimeters length",
    I think you mean width, not thickness ..

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