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Monday's Cyber ​​Hours: A High-Quality Router at a Funny Price

Upgrade the Internet at home with a modern model from Netgear - at no VAT and free shipping

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Not much equipment American Amazon has been shipped to the country officially and directly - and when that happens, it's worth taking advantage of, especially when it comes to a fantastic simple price for a product with a positive reputation.

Netgear Nighthawk R6700 home router with support for 802.11ac standard with maximum 1,750Mbps speeds for 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels combined, with four Ethernet inputs at 1Gbps speed and with declared option for parallel XNX-enabled devices Only dollars, including free shipping up to your doorstep and no extra payment required beyond that.

For a little less than NIS 225 it can be connected to the modem-router you received from your home internet provider, so the R6700 will serve as a router (note that it does not have its own built-in modem capabilities) to be responsible for communication with all smartphones and products, While the vendor modem-router will only be used as a modem. Extremely lucrative - and probably only a few hours before all this promotional celebration ends.

This rare price cut has been available for a few days - but it will probably go up very soon

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10 תגובות

  1. Booked at this price a few days ago. Warns that the power adapter may not fit the Israeli voltage and will require a more creative solution than a standard power socket adapter…

  2. Even according to 14, a percentage of Amazon users surf, the router is not that high-quality….

    1. are you real? Have you written this stupid nonsense now based on the 4.2 score (out of 5) with 33 thousand ratings? This is a very high score and very unequivocal (for the better).

  3. Everyone will see what they think is right.

    The same information, the interpretation can be different,

    As it is here.

    I wouldn't say the product is such a wow.

    That's my opinion.

    1. I'm not going to argue with you here about whether the 4.2 score on Amazon (33 thousand ratings) is good or bad.

  4. If you look a little deeper, you find that the thirty thousand reviews are for all eight models that appear on the page all mixed together. This particular router has "only" eight thousand reviews and even then under the same name there were three versions of hardware that in fact have no connection. The second version was mediatek based and received poor reviews, what is currently sold is the third broadcom version and is supposed to be more successful.

    So what is the average grade really worth?

  5. If most of the bad reviews came on another model at all it only raises the rating of the current model ..

    Anyway 4.2 out of 5 is a very high score. Especially when the graph is extreme in favor of the 5 score and not evenly distributed among all the ratings. This means that the overwhelming majority are satisfied, and there are few people who are dissatisfied at all - for such and other reasons (there may also be just some things related to store delivery / customer service and they got nervous about the product's rating) - as with any product.

    What should worry you is products with mixed scores - ones that have a lot of 2 and 3 star ratings .. That means the overwhelming majority claims it's a product not something ..

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