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Final hours for funding: The keyboard is worth half a million dollars

A company called Keychron offers you the opportunity to invest in a high-quality, wireless mechanical keyboard - with a starting price of 69 dollars

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Investing money in a mass financing project is an action that always involves some risk - but if you do, it would be better to have a product from a company that has proven itself in several similar ventures in the past. If you are looking for a renewed and up-to-date keyboard you will be able to do so in the near future, with the KeyXon K4 being a third platform project For the same company based in Hong Kong.

This is a compact mechanical keyboard with 100 keys that can be used in both wired and wireless configuration based on Built in 4,000mAh capacity, with the option of linking to three different devices simultaneously thanks to connectivity , With white or colored backlight illumination for the user's choice - and with the choice of Gateron mechanical key mechanisms (with a choice of four types with different resistance and audio characteristics) or Bloody LK Optic mechanical keyboards.

This may be the most diverse keyboard around - and definitely competitive

The Keychron K4 can be obtained in a plastic shell of 760 grams or with a more prestigious black aluminum shell of 930 grams - and although one has to admit that this is not the most impressive design for the keyboard we have met in the market, there is certainly an impressive cost-benefit ratio for anyone interested in a wireless keyboard High-quality fit for almost any modern operating system, including and-.

Choosing the option of mechanical keys of several types, and optical keys that are also available in two configurations with different usage characteristics, is not something that one sees in this market every day

The base price of the Keychrone K4 now, with only white shade, plastic casing and Gateron mechanisms, stands at only 69 dollars - with the addition of 42 dollars for shipment to the country - about NIS 400. A model with an aluminum casing, colored backlight, and Gateron mechanisms will cost 131 $ (NIS 470 value) including shipping, as will a model with optical mechanical mechanisms, plastic casing, and color backlight. Deliveries for clients who invest in the venture should start as early as next month - so this is a relative bonus compared to many other similar projects where the product may only come a year or even after the consumer's initial financial investment.

What do you think of this intriguing keyboard that has managed to amass investments of more than 700,000 over $ 7,000 users? Let's talk about it in the comments - and note that only one day remains until the recruitment venture ends.

Click here to go to the product page on Kickstarter

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