Learn more about the HWzone-based Broadwell stationary processors

Learn more about the upcoming Broadwell stationary processors

Generation of CPUs The fifth desktop computer may have a very short time before the launch of the next generation, Sixth - but it can also bring with it very impressive capabilities

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First details about Intel's new processors for stationary computers began to be published. So until the event itself is the first taste of them. Based on initial information about the new processors it seems they are definitely going to be worth the expectation. Among other things, the prices of the processors were published. Although they may vary they certainly allow to get an idea of ​​the overall costs. The current assessment is that The Core i7-5775C processor is expected to cost about499 dollars. While the i5-5675C is expected to rise About $ 379.

Coming soon in stores?
Coming soon in stores?

The new processors designed for desktop computers are expected to deliver high performance. And of course most important in this regard, significantly increase the speed capabilities of stationary computers. From the test, the CPU performance results are displayed after its operating frequency is converted from a frequency of 3.7 GHz to 5 GHz. But the most interesting point in this context is that these results were obtained not by advanced cooling methods such as Water based cooling, Or Liquid nitrogen based - except through "Standard" air - making the performance exceptionally impressive and impressive.

In comparison After the haste, the processors showed impressive capabilities: SuperPi (1M), the processor completed within 10.047 seconds, while WPRime (32M) was completed in 4.399 seconds (compared to 5.702 seconds without the acceleration), although similar measurements also showed the Haswell Devil's Canyon The screenshots below illustrate the level of performance and the speed of work that can be achieved with these processors after the frequency of the operation.

Brodwell for illustrationBrodwell Illustrated 2

In addition to all these processors are supposed to bring new news in terms of efficiency, and of course improved graphics capabilities. The launch scheduled for early next month is expected to be intriguing and interesting. More and more information about the processors should be revealed and we promise to be there when it happens.

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