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Lenovo's new laptops are the first ever with an Xeon processor

The Enterprise Processors' Brand Expands on the mobile world, and lands on the Which promise to be the most advanced portable workhorses created

It is highly doubtful if anyone imagined that the first mobile Skylake generation workers would actually be From the Xeon brand, which comes first in history to officially married systems - but that's exactly what happened, and the first to take advantage of the surprising event is , And the Her renowned.

ThinkPad P50 and ThinkPad P70 laptops, which are probably the most advanced mobile workstations you can find on the market right now - you will find here the Xeon E3 1500M v5 processor whose details are unknown, but will contain four cores 47 Watt Thermal Skylake Section and Support for vPro Component Applications Plus support for memory with error correction code (ECC), a 15.6-inch screen for the P50 and a 17.3-inch screen for the P70 based on panel type At 1,080 × 1,920 pixels or 2,160 × 3,840 pixels, including touch interface and color calibration for each device and device.


God- P50

The advanced specification does not end here. In both models, you can get up to 64GB (!) Of 4MHz DDR2,133 memory and ECC (thank you, Skylake), an SSX-based, up to terabyte M.2 / PCI Express SSD drive and a 2- Four 3.0 USB connections, ExpressCard input, advanced Thunderbolt 3 connection based on USB Type C interface, wireless network connectivity based on the latest 8260 chip of , An option for a fourth-generation built-in modem, Of four, six or eight cells and more.


God- P70

For dessert, the ThinkPad P50 and the ThinkPad P70 also include a graphics card from the advanced Quadro line of - And a new model whose identity has not yet been officially disclosed, but according to half reports on the network will be the Quadro M5000M, a mobile parallel to the Quadro M5000 revealed near the mobile phones themselves. If you believe the same Quadro M5000M will be based on the full GM204 core of the 2.0, and will therefore offer Graphics that prefer those of the The GTX 980M is powerful in its own right, plus the general GPGPU processing capabilities that differentiate the G- To the.

The technical specification for P70 (right) and P50
The technical specification for P70 (right) and P50

In spite of all the dreaded specs, the P50 and P70 laptops manage to maintain dimensions similar to other laptops of similar size - with the smaller P50 being based on the (initial) weight of only 2.5 pounds and the thickness of about 25 millimeters, and the P70 Starting weight of 3.4 kilograms and thickness of about 31 millimeters. These are probably not ultraviolet - but with such specifications we would expect even more formidable dimensions, so we might say we were pleasantly surprised.


Not easy and certainly not flimsy - but somehow still less monstrous than we would expect
Source: notebookcheck.com

The prices of the P50 and P70 will start at $ 1,600 and $ 2,000 respectively, although to get the full capabilities mentioned in the previous paragraphs you will need to separate from the duplicate (or perhaps even more) of these basic price tags - whatever Will smuggle most home users who might be interested in the monster But apparently will not make too much impression on businesses and organizations that are accustomed to such prices and seem to be getting a much more compact and advanced product than they used to.

A glimpse into the cooling system that is supposed to deal with all of this new technology Source: notebookcheck.com
A glimpse into the cooling system that is supposed to deal with all of this new technology
Source: notebookcheck.com

It will be interesting to see how the mobile Xeon processors will live next to the X- The advanced ones, and will there be a potential line here for the advanced home users too - if the Xeon chips don't include A built-in graphic that wastes unnecessary energy, for example. We will update you as soon as we find out more about this interesting initiative of the chip giant.

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  1. Dell precision uses xeon
    And quadro long ago .. So I did not really understand the intention ?!

  2. Don't know about you, but look at the "superfish" case and now another case has been published where this company has installed a program that remains even if you format the hard drive partitions and "force" customers to get updates from the company. Lenovo sells computers that come out of the factory with maleware. I personally would not publish company-related articles or at least remind the public of those facts.

  3. shahafp, it's not in these series.
    Thinkpad is a well-known and respected brand.

    You did not specify the renewal of the separate cooling system for the graphics core and CPU.

    It is interesting that there is no optical drive in 15.6, usually in the stronger models they also include small ones (by T440 where there is and T440P there are).

  4. One more thing, they made sense and returned the downloaded mouse keys in the last two Thinkpad series.

  5. nachum37, it doesn't really matter what series they did it on. The company is responsible for all its products. We as consumers / customers have the ability to vote with our wallets and decide where our money will go. Correct me if I'm wrong, the series is well known and respected for the distant past that IBM manufactured these computers and not really for Novo.

  6. For many years, the series has been in the hands of Lenovo and they have certainly maintained its reputation.
    You may vote in your wallet and try to punish whatever company you deserve, in the case of Thinkpad it would be more like "screwing Egged".

  7. The title is absolutely false.
    For the past 8 years, the CLEVO maker has laptops that hold XEON and QUADRO twice.
    I don't deserve to roll for you.

    The gospel here is that XEON processors are mobile.
    Resulting in lower current consumption and probably cooler.
    Which probably allows "to enjoy all the worlds."
    Also light and thin relative to what he gives.

    But the title is completely false.

  8. Well, then there are inaccuracies in the article.

    What about the mobile phones themselves?

  9. COLOR = "silver"] - - - COMMENTED COMMENT: - - - [/ COLOR]

    Some images from the cooling system in the relatively "simple" models of CLEVO: ^^^
    There is no novelty here from Novo.
    But a great many years of retardation for self-evident things.

    If there is already a line here from Intel XEON mobile processors in the first place.

    why are you laughing?
    Innovation like "separate cooling systems for GPU and CPU" has been a standard for many years at CLEVO's "How Surprising".
    And even their simplest computers.
    It's just common sense not to share two chips on the same poor fan and 10 made copper. (What LENOVO probably did to this day)

    Don't talk about my machine with 4 heatsinks and 4 blowers (1- 2 processor chipset 34 memory cards) - (which accepts both XEON 12 CORE 24 THREADS (from original servers) and two video cards)
    4 Separate Cooling Systems!
    And this is not a new model.
    (Weighing 6 pounds of which 2.5 pounds of copper are cooled)

    3 + pounds (XEON processor probably (no data) 4-6 cores + QUADRO MXM) ???
    Check out computers (of CLEVO) three years old. With only one HIGH END card… okay?
    A few more grams (but real of stationary)

    Sorry I'm not impressed.
    Like I said in a row from Intel.


    At least a step in the right direction.
    Or did you abandon the built-in downtime?

    Ahhhh… and DDR4 !!!

    - - - Unified response: - - -

    Some images from the CLEVO's relatively "simple" cooling system:

  10. ^^^^^
    Only now did I enter this discussion from a forum
    And I see the pictures!
    Completely psychic what it looks like!

    More towards hovercraft than laptop: lol:
    Hope it comes with earplugs.

  11. I brought my computer as an extreme example.
    There are models that weigh like the Lenovo Hanel and have been fucking for many years.
    That was the point.

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