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Lenovo is inadvertently unveiling Intel's next generation of mobile processors

Generation E- The ninth will come to the mobile market, Which only began to appear in stores

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During this period it seems that follow the series of processors from home This is no simple task at all - parallel series of different code names come at different times and with surprising frequency to different categories of the market, and it seems that just moving into the 10 world will have the potential to be a fresh start to mess up a bit.

A good example of this is happening in the mobile market now, as we wait for the acceleration of computers based on the eighth-generation Whiskey Lake processors,-R, they are also eighth-generation - and in the background a record of the ninth-generation processors is expected, which will replace them somewhere over the next year.

A specification page for Lenovo IdeaPad S530 notebooks has been shown to include state-of-the-art ninth generation U processors with model names i7-9550U, i5-9250U and i3-9130U displayed next to the, So it is clear that this is not just an innocent typing mistake.

Early exposure was seen by hard-core hardware enthusiasts

Optimists may guess that this may be the 10 nm portable processors from the Ice Lake era, though plans to launch these models only by the end of next year are likely to be low - it is likely that this is another 14 nanometer generation and possibly the last to complete the transition to the generation of generation Ninth Market Mobile device before jumping to the 10 nm will also bring with it an updated (seemingly) switching that will highlight the event.

The launch of generations in half a year apart is not something we are used to seeing from Intel, although in the present era it seems almost everything is possible

We do not have technical details about the ninth generation Core To the mobile world, though, it is likely that we will have its official launch during the first half of 2019, under the Coffee Lake-R umbrella - or perhaps Comet Lake, which stands as its successor. It is natural to assume that here we will also see quad-core models in the series. i7 and i5, with slightly increased work frequencies and maybe some improvement in the built-in graphical cores - with the central question being whether this time i3 will become quadrangular cores and significantly increase performance in the market's budget segment.

The updated specification on the site of No longer includes future processors - but the network remembers everything, as you know

We will continue to follow this emerging generation and will not forget to update you on developments.


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