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Lenovo is renewing its popular gaming line

The latest versions of the Chinese Y family include upgraded design and quad-core processors from the Skylake section

One of the series of laptops designed for gaming that can be found in a variety of stores in Israel is a series The IdeaPad Y50 של , Which knows how to provide proper hardware capabilities at relatively reasonable prices of NISX and above. Now, this series is turning into the IdeaPad Y5,000 series, and claims to be even more advanced.

The most significant change in the new generation is the design, which looks much more aggressive and unique now thanks to the combination of matte-coated plastic and dark brushed aluminum and striking red paint - we really liked the trapezoidal connection between the screen and the keyboard and computer body (let's hope it's durable and tough enough not to pose a danger of tearing The screen inadvertently).

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Under the updated shell you will find quad-core processors in a thermal envelope of 45 watts from the new Skylake section, though without mentioning the Core i7-6820HK model with the currently open product, In volumes up to 16GB, storage based Up to 512GB or volume Hybrid mechanical up to 1TB, pair 2-powered stereo each with a 3 watts subwoofer that comes with JBL, connectivity The 802.11ac standard with a pair of channels on transmission and reception and 4 batteries has cells with a total capacity of 60-watts.


Like now, the Y700 series can be either 15 or Y700-15, with full-resolution IPS screen or IPS screen resolution And the option of touch support in any one, or 17 inches in size as a Y700-17 with screen Only FullHD resolution and no touch.

With thickness ranging from 25 millimeters and weight from 2.6 to 15 (for the 3.4), the Y17 looks thinner and more compact than it actually is

Beyond the rather modest capacity, Lenovo chose to base all models on a GeForce GTX 960M video card , In a version that includes an 4GB of GDDR5 memory, or a card R9 M375 which also has GDNXXUM GDDR5 memory - which should deal poorly with gaming at up to FullHD resolutions, but will not suffice for the Ultra HD resolution offered in 4 inches. Let's hope we'll see you later Introduces additional models, possibly with models More powerful or alternatively with double the transfer of cards from the models written above.

Lenovo will offer another alternative model for AMD enthusiasts - with the FX8800P processor from the new Carrizo, and a Radeon R9 M385X
Lenovo will offer another alternative model for enthusiasts - With the new Carrizo FX-8800P processor, and a sample video card R9 M385X

All of the Y700 models will offer a pair of 3.0 USB connections, an additional 2.0 USB connection for charging in sleep mode, a full-size HDMI connection, an SD card slot and a wired Ethernet connection. On the 15, you can also get a RealSense camera with a depth sensing of , For authentication support based on face recognition and a host of other advanced control technologies.

With a stated starting price of 950 dollars, the Y700 models probably knew how to continue their predecessors' swing - and as long as there aren't too many competitors around that are willing to offer more competitive prices, we're definitely in favor.

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