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Like from a spaceship: The new Cooler Master products for 2018

This year, too, the manufacturer of popular peripheral equipment blinded us with its strong desire to illuminate colorful LEDs and futuristic designs

Even in the company's booth At the huge show in Las Vegas we had the opportunity to visit - and there we were greeted at the entrance with its latest focus on modularity and customization, along with an exterior look that at least in some cases is not quite like anything else out there.

The most colorful, both Intel and AMD

The center of events at the booth was dedicated to the company's many and varied cooling solutions, which were presented separately and also as part of a ready-made demo with large names such as ASUS and Gigabyte. There were also Massive, solid body air Metallic and double fans with built-in illumination (of course), and systems Closed water with up to three fans and dimensions to fit only the largest computer cases.

Did you decide to "defect" to AMD's camp? Don't worry, at They will not really discriminate against you

The various measures are also available for Intel's LGA1151 and LGA2066 residency and for the AM4 and TR4 - So all you have left, the potential buyers, is to choose your favorite color combination.

Most of the colorful LED lights of Able to work in a color change according to the cooled component temperature - get a convenient and intuitive indication of its condition

The best friend of the Overclocker

Cooler Master has not really neglected the power supply area for computers, which usually constitutes a relatively gray tier of a colorful and exciting industry - and has launched new CES products from MasterWatt V, with full modularity, huge suppliers of 1,200 watts to 1,500 watts, plus80 Titanium efficiency Of over 94 percent of consumed power - and collaboration with Wizerty, one of the world's most famous rushers to date, who even models some of its capabilities vividly for booth visitors.

Guest of honor

New family carriers not only include ultra-high efficiency, assurance of a structure that allows optimum airflow through the chassis, and ultra-quiet operation even at consumption levels approaching the maximum possible - but also That enables automatic data transfer to the application, which offers advanced telemetry data for fast, easy-to-see work on screen, even within the framework Direct which has become very common in this niche too.

One of the smartest power providers ever created

The analog keyboard

One of the intriguing tidbits in the booth was the technology found under the surface of the new MasterKeys MK851 keyboard: eight of the most common gaming controls in gaming (WASD and those around them) have received an innovative analog click mechanism from Aimpad specializing in the field - which means not only the click and click time What happens in the game, but also the relative strength of the click, as the mechanical mechanisms on these keys are able to measure the distance between the button cap and the lower part and respond (continuously or analogously) to its movement.

This keyboard looks pretty standard - but it hides Impressive inside

This is a relatively new mechanism in the keyboard world, which will probably need more time for you to get used to it and for applications to begin to exploit its potential - but it is undoubtedly one of the promising future directions of the peripherals market, and He becomes one of the first major players who adopts him with both hands.

There are also current mice and headphones

Hover or Mobile?

Mobile cooling is perhaps not the most prestigious and popular product on the market, but Cooler Master certainly stands out in the existing selection, with pretty sharp designs (at least in the eyes of a young audience) that momentarily confused us and led us to think that the manufacturer Under her name. Actually - maybe this will be the next step? Welcome to judge for yourself.

Record style

The position of dreams

To- Even a gradually expanding gaming product line, as befits any prominent peripheral manufacturer, and its most effective demo, we received as part of a ready-made dream gaming stand perched on the corner of the complex - with a comfortable gaming chair that looks like it was pulled out of a racing car, a generous convex screen and, of course, a mouse-adapted stand , A mouse pad and headphones all from the company. This is undoubtedly an array that most gaming enthusiasts around the world would really like to see in their room.

We'll be lying if we say we're not a bit jealous of someone who has the chance to play like that every day, not just once a year

We continue to provide you with the hottest stories from the CES 2018 exhibition - be sure to catch up and follow.

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