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Limited Time Champion: Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 1660 Super card in review

The new NVIDIA for $ 249

The new $ 249 is an interesting product that lies just halfway between what is considered basic video cards and advanced video cards - how much better than its predecessor? We went out to check

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A busy period is moving into the middle market of the video card world, a period that began in the previous quarter with a host of launches and price changes. Among the latest video cards it launched In the presence of the GTX 1660 Super.

This video card combines features of traditional GTX 1660 with those found in GTX 1660 Ti. The promise is to create Who do not compromise on the price they fall for. If the GTX 1660 Ti trades at $ 279 until recently, and the GTX 1660 at $ 219, the GTX 1660 Super comes to us at an official price tag of $ 249 and aims straight at the largest gamers market share in 1920 × 1080 gaming.

As for the technical data itself - the video card The GTX 1660 Super contains the TU116 core that is manufactured in a 12 nanometer process factory Taiwanese. This core contains 6.6 billion transistors and 284 square meters.

From 1,536 Possible graphically, the GTX 1660 Super operates 1,408 like the standard GTX 1660. Unlike the GTX 1660 Ti, Super has memory type 6GB and 14Gbps effective speed. The graphic memory bandwidth is 192BIT.

As a result, it is basically a hybrid of features between the two video cards that have existed so far.

Specifically, although this review is the Geforce GTX 1660 Super OC 6G's . This model comes with Easier from factory and three-fan cooling and copper tubing.

The card has three ports 1.4 and EXIT One 2.0b. All four can be used in conjunction with up to four screens.

This video card is powered by a single 8PIN PCIE power supply connector. Its total heat casing is set at 125 watts.

The back of the video card has a back plate, but it mainly serves visual and physical damage protection to the printed circuit board. This is a plastic frame, so there is no heat transfer from the printed board. A video card with such a shell also does not need a metal chassis.

This is how the video card looks in profile when it is installed in the chassis. There are RGB bulbs on the logo It can be controlled via RGB software 2.0. Card thickness 2 slots only. This video card is 28 inches long and will fit most standard computer cases currently sold in the DIY world.

The video card has three 80-mm fans that throw air on the body Which contains three copper tubes for heat conduction and aluminum foil throughout the card.

Without saying words - time for the performance tests on the next page!

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