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Living in the Green: Razer's Innovations for 2020

One of the world's largest peripheral manufacturers refuses to rest - and from now on you will also offer you stationary and advanced gaming computers under its branding

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Booth of The American was by far the greenest in CES 2020 as a whole, and not because of a desire to consider the environment - the lights and sounds emanating from it were very hard to ignore, so decide to access and be impressed with the new developments that await us on store shelves right now, or will be there soon.

The popular company launched a new game controller for the smartphone world, Kishi, with a design that feels like a mix of game consoles for the consoles Visit the integrated game for the Switch - and split into two to connect to the sides of the selected smartphone and upgrade the gaming experience with all the physical keys you'll find in the stationary gaming room.

The new upgrade for your mobile gaming will come this year - with compatibility for games created for Originally and also for the emerging direct streaming services of games from the world of saloon consoles and personal computers
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The unique structure allows great flexibility in adapting the product to devices available in the market, where Specify support for Samsung devices ranging from Galaxy S8 to Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Google devices from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 XL and Apple devices from 6 to 11 Pro Max - when considering the significant differences in dimensions between all of these (the 6 has a 4.7 inch screen only, while the Note 10 Plus offers a 6.8-inch display) It can be assumed that the Kishi will actually fit the vast majority of devices currently available to consumers.

More products that starred in CES 2020 booth - TWS, a larger range of gaming gaming peripherals and peripherals with limited edition designs
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Significant leaps forward also in home telecommunications equipment with the announcement of the Gaming Sila 5G router, which has an interesting cylindrical design (including RGB illumination, of course), up-to-date Wi-Fi 802.11ax connectivity in four broadcast and reception channels, support for fourth-generation and fifth-generation mobile connectivity The Qualcomm's built-in X55 modem - which, together with an internal battery, will also allow the product to function as a mobile access point to a network outside the home and without connecting to the wall sockets. Inside the router you will also find a dedicated advanced management application that allows you to prioritize network traffic by device and application connected through it, and now just try to guess the price - which will definitely be high considering the $ 250 cost for the original Sila router of , Which was content with Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity and older and without communication capabilities .

The elaborate router is set up as a fishmaker at this time only - though we are confident it will become a practical product, with such minor and other changes, in the near future
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Another fresh expansion of the Business For the smartphone world, it comes with designer protective covers that promise not only to properly protect your iPhone (or your device). Phone 2 - the only Android model currently supported) falls and blows, but also cooling them more effectively thanks to an internal layer of graphene-based material that meets the term Thermaphene. Justifies a price of between $ 30 and $ 45? We're not really convinced yet, but hope to be pleasantly surprised with the landing of the first impressions.

Also protective covers with capabilities - And those you can design yourself by clicking a few buttons, inspired by your favorite titles
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Another brilliance featured in the show was an experimental racing simulator that could be the new wet dream for almost any amateur player - with a vibrating engine and belted driver's seat that simulates acceleration by applying pressure on the player's body, a metal steering wheel and leather with three-speed transmission pedals Foot drives for manual driving Of course, most notably the 128-inch convex display is based on a pair of 1080p projectors with a viewing angle of no less than 202 degrees, giving a realistic feel wherever the gaze will turn.

We still do not know whether Is really planning to turn this huge array into a commercial product - or it will remain the only prototype for such exhibitions and conferences
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For dessert, the highlight of the company at the show was its very first complex desktop computer - the compact Tomahawk N1 based on Intel's innovative modular element platform. This elongated computer case is reminiscent of the design and shape of the Exterior Core positions For video cards will offer an integrated platform from home Which will include mobile processors of various types, up to the top-end Core i9-9980HK, with up to 64GB of memory In compact SO-DIMM configuration, storage system based on M.2 connector pair, connector pair 3, six type connections 3.2Gen.2 at 10Gbps and more - all with full-size family graphics cards , With future upgrades supported according to the user's wishes for both the element element of the system and the video card.

Handsome, unique and limited in size - without giving up future upgrade options. Unfortunately, even in this case, we have not yet heard of the launch date or possible prices
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