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Too bad to miss: Logitech gaming headphones at half the Israeli price

Original Article: The G633 Artemis Spectrum is sold at a VAT-free price and free of charge that shouldn't be missed

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Few are the products of Logitech that are shipped directly to Israel - And when it comes to a price lower than the Israeli VAT exemption it is a real celebration - and that is what is currently in the US Amazon for The G633 popularity.

The wired headphones that include Dolby 7.1 sound support, Dolby DTS standard, removable speaker, built-in color illumination can be programmed and compatible with both Sony and PCs and consoles - Availability through the logistics system of The price is 65.93 dollars, when you do not need to add a shipping fee and no VAT. The resulting price is NIS 230, which is less than half the cheapest price of the model here in Israel, which stands at NIS 510.

If this isn't a fairy tale deal for the various gaming enthusiasts, we don't know what is. Great shopping!

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Such a deal does not meet every day - so hurry to take advantage of it before an extra 16.5 bucks are added for shipping and make it a lot less

updating: Want more quality gaming headsets? No problem: The HS60 Pro model of a company With support for 7.1 channels and with the addition of an established external DAC unit Sold for only 39.99 dollars, so that with the addition of another product at the cost of 10 dollars you can receive it without shipping and VAT at a funny price of NIS 140 - when the price of the version here in the country starts with NIS 310 (!!).

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Historically low price for this high quality model of - so you'll actually need to add some item to the basket with you to get the ultimate cost

Sony's wireless headphones too God- Its 4 sample Gold Available without VAT and no shipping fee - $ 70.99 only, or NIS 250 value.

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The well-known Game One model from the famous Sanheiser company, with an 4.1 score of 5 quality on the platform of , Is available at its own significant discount compared to Israel - 144.51 $ includes home delivery and VAT, which is more or less 505, compared to at least 715 for the same version in stores closest to your home.

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  1. I ordered the corsair void pro rgb wireless at 60 dollars which is also half the price in the country

    1. I, too, am waiting for deals for the wireless headphones, though as I know myself - I just can't wait but go and now straight to buy new wireless headphones for me without any problem, but this time I really came to order something good from abroad and at a price that can not be found in the country.
      It's already time to replace my old Corsair Vengeance 2000 7.1 Wireless headphones, and, as I've discovered over the years, all CORSAIR products are simply useless and expensive, they don't have a drop of quality in all products and they really don't justify their famous name CORSAIR , Really nobody recommends CORSAIR, stay away from the products of this "sticker" company.

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