Gaming products from Logitech at bargain prices, today at Amazon

Mechanical keyboard, mice, racing helmets and more await you in the coming hours in the British version of the online store

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In addition to the deals that come to us from the United States, Europe also has something to offer online shopping enthusiasts - especially those who want to renew with advanced peripherals.

Please note that all prices listed are for Amazon UK's Prime Prime subscribers, which reduces the shipping costs - you can register for a free trial month (you will still need to provide credit card details for this purpose) In this link.

Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard Which is based on Romer-G mechanical mechanisms, is sold for 50.14 British pounds, including NIS 235, which is about half of the cheapest prices in Israel for the same model.

One of the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboard you can find out there right now

A set that includes the G29 game steering wheel For personal computers and PlayStation consoles, along with pedals and gears, sold for 228.16 pounds including VAT and shipping - 1,070 shekels, compared to prices of 1,300 shekels or more for steering and pedals without the gears in our local market. Model G920 Alternative Which is compatible with the של And personal computers sold in 224.79 pounds, or approximately NIS 1,050.

Logitech G300S wired gaming mouse Sold for 24.28 pounds, which is about NIS 115.

Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse With built-in color illumination available at the price of 37.28 pounds, or 180 shekels - compared to 250 shekels or more in Israel.

A good looking mouse with less than 200

G433 wired headphones With audio support 7.1 channels are sold in 54.63 pounds, or 260 shekels - again almost half of the price in the Holy Land, which starts from 425 shekels.

512GB Western Digital SSD My Passport SSD External Hard Disk Drive Available in 96.19 pounds, or 450 shekels.

SanDisk Extreme microSD card with 256GB volume, Transfer speed up to 160MBps and support for the A2 App Performance standard is sold in 62 pounds, approximately NIS 290 - including adapter for the size of SD cards.

Dessert, Xbox One S console in the overall package One terabyte hard drive, the Battlefield V game and the great Forza Horizon 4 racing title - sold at a final price of 237.1 pounds, which is approximately NIS 1,110. Interested in other titles? You can choose In a package that includes The Division 2 and Forza Horizon 4 או In a package that includes Anthem and Forza Horizon 4