Long live speed: ASRock launches expansion cards and motherboards with USB HNzone

Long live the speed: ASRock launches expansion cards and motherboards with USB 3.1

As the 3.1 USB standard approaches the hands of the average consumer, the company launches Two expansion cards with different device connections, as well as motherboards that support this new version

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Beyond fast with USB 3.1_678x452
New expansion cards Adds 3.1 USB ports to your current computer

The 3.1 USB standard is finally on the way to us. Chinese company ASRock launched a few days ago the new motherboards and expansion cards, including the new and fast USB 3.1 standard. Remember, the 3.1 version of the USB standard brings with it A number of improvements Such as a high transfer rate of about 10 gigabits per second (twice the theoretical speed of the 3.0 version), which in this case is divided into two connections, a reversible connection support (in the Type-C version of the connection) and faster loading of devices and gadgets.

Back to the topic, It now offers two new expansion cards to consumers who want to add two 3.1 USB connections to their current PC without the need to buy New (and in most cases a new computer) completely. The new expansion cards are divided into two: one card that comes with two USB ports, 3.1 Type-A, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0, and a second card that comes with an input 3.1 Type-A One beside the inlet 3.1 Type-C is also available for easy and convenient connection (in the Lightning connection style).

The two new expansion cards connect via the PCI Express 2.0 connection and both require a four-pin power input. This power input allows each card to be supplied at any USB input up to three amperes at five volts, sufficient power for efficient charging of devices And gadgets.


New motherboards With the 3.1

The company plans to include these expansion cards in new motherboards. The expansion card with the two different inputs will be included with the Z97 Extreme / 3.1 motherboard and the second expansion card, 3.1 Type-A, will be included with the X99 Extreme / 3.1 motherboard, which provides input 3.1 Type-C straight out of the box.

We are pleased to see that companies are already beginning to support the The new 3.1, but real support (in the form of multiple inputs already embedded on the motherboard if) will take a few more time.


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  1. It is better to wait for the next generation of chipsets that will (hopefully) have built-in support for the USB 3.1 standard than rely on third-party controllers, as past experience shows us that a USB interface directly from the chipset is faster than a third-party controller.

  2. Thank you for the information.
    You won't do a bit of editing: "two inputs", "some more time", "these power inputs", "enabling connection" and more.
    Let's hope it does come as part of the next chipset but Intel doesn't tend to rush as the device competes with their TB / LP connection and has almost no competition in the CPU / chipset market for desktop computers.

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