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Looking for a computer? The recommended specification system is waiting for you!

Hello to all site users and Happy October! We are pleased to announce that our recommended specification system has been updated for October.
For those of you who still do not know the Our recommended specification system, We strongly recommend that you log in and be impressed as it can save you a lot of money, time and effort in the search for a suitable computer. This is a system of specifications that includes 42, high-quality computer specifications divided into the following categories:
These specifications, assembled by the site team, include excellent hardware that has been carefully chosen with an emphasis on quality and reliability that will suit each individual's unique needs. Some of the specifications also include adaptive peripheral equipment, possible hardware alternatives (in case and in the store where you want to purchase the computer there will be no particular component in the inventory), as well as the possibility of filtering according to price, category and peripheral equipment.
The section will continue to be updated regularly in accordance with the changes in hardware and prices in the Israeli market.
The following are the main points of the October update:
  • Hardware prices updated.
  • The equipment packages were updated.
  • Because of the large selection and hardware differences between the stores, some of the components listed only the companies whose hardware is recommended to purchase.
  • Most processors Have been replaced by more up-to-date models i5-3470 And the budget market Pentium G640).
  • Have been replaced Of the company For new models GT630, GTX660, GTX660TI.
  • The company's video cards were replaced AMD For new models HD7750, HD7850, HD7950.
  • A new enclosure for quiet-Define R4 The new Fractal Design.
  • For a month october (The month of overclocking and cooling) - in high-budget specifications, as part of the adaptations were added to possible endings of the processor, And a motherboard that allows execution .
Beware of imitations
Our recommendation is to make sure that the parts you receive from the store are indeed the parts listed in the specification you chose or in the list of its alternative hardware. There are cases where some stores try to profit by replacing the parts cheaper and less quality, so it is worth emphasizing this point. Are not you sure? We remind you that every question, request or comment is at your disposal The discussion that opened just for this purpose, Where you can also find more details about this system. It is always advisable to enter Forum computer specifications If you want optimal custom specification for you.
If you would like to dispose of old hardware before you purchase a new one, you can consult the forum "How much is my computer worth?" And we'll help you decide on a possible amount, and of course try to sell it In the Trade-Zone section our. It should be emphasized that the specifications do not include the cost of assembly (because it varies from store to store) and without Or software to their respective owners. Also, we do not sell computers or computer parts. Our part begins and ends with counseling.


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