Looking for a new computer? Updates in our recommended computer section • HWzone

Looking for a new computer? Updates in our recommended computers section

Our recommended computer system is at the heart of HWzone, and has been with us from the beginning. This is an important consumer tool, allowing each and every one of you to find the ideal specification for him, for any purpose and budget.

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For those who have not yet known our original section (where have you been at 16 for the past few years?), We strongly recommend that you visit our unique and unique system of recommendations, which can save you a lot of money, time and effort. Needs and of course your budget framework.

These recommended computers, assembled by the HWzone team, include excellent hardware that has been carefully chosen with an emphasis on quality and reliability that will suit the needs of each and every one of you.

123If you want a new computer, or if your friend / uncle asked you for help in choosing a new computer, go to the section Recommended computers And find the best specification for you / your loved ones. You can then print out the recommended specifications and get to the nearest store, or order it through one of the online stores. The prices of the components in the computer specifications we assembled are the retail prices of the components, so you can contact the specifications you chose for each store you choose and know that you are not being "molded" and sell outdated hardware at a new price or new hardware at an exorbitant price.

Beware of imitations

Our recommendation is to make sure that the parts you receive from the store are indeed the parts listed in the specification you chose. There are cases where some stores try to profit by replacing parts of hardware with others, cheaper, so it is worth emphasizing this point. Are not you sure? We remind you that any question, request or comment is at your disposal: Consulting before buying a computer. Also, our forum is ideal if you want optimal custom specification for your unique needs.

Among the computers in this category is also found The computer that kills the console - A low-cost computer system that delivers good visual performance Inspired by the popular guide.

We are happy to put this important tool at the disposal of consumers who surf the site, which have been in front of our eyes for over 16 years, and of course we will be happy to hear your comments and insights - Contact Us.

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