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AMD will introduce new motherboard branding for Threadripper 3000 processors

A generation of processors A third may adopt updated names that will be slightly less confusing than the current Intel competing concept

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Threadripper 3000 processors new and formidable top-end home users, with the Zen 2 cores and the enhanced architecture that come with them, seem like a natural development for Now - after the official launches of the series 3000 and processors Second generation servers. We don't know yet when this will happen, but some snippets of information appearing on the Web indicate that this is approaching.

Results in the Geekbench Performance Test Database for Processor Anonymous bearing the belligerent code name Something Sharkstooth may be a first clue to what we expect in the next Threadripper series - a model with 32 physical processing cores and 64 logical processing cores operating at a possible base frequency of 3.6GHz and up to 4.3GHz turbo frequency, with 16 megawatts L2 and 128 megabytes of cache The L3 cache is shared across all cores.

First public appearance of a generation New? It looks absolutely promising

It is likely that Intel does not plan to offer more than 18 processing cores in its X series to home users in the near future, at Will choose to "settle" on 32 cores in the new Threadripper generation, similar to the second Threadripper generation, with a focus on performance improvements that will be delivered through the Cores 2 at 7 nm - and who knows, maybe even at better and more accessible price levels than we knew.

Motherboards in the generation The new one may abandon the branding that is familiar to us today, to our delight, and instead of switching to the X670 chipset we will offer chip sets under the names , TRX80, and WRX80.

The chipset Split into three sub-series in the new generation?

If this is indeed the new direction of , The company seems to be planning to offer several different price levels and fittings for motherboards for Threadripper processors, similar to what we know from mainstream home processors - as well as separate branding for chipsets designed for alleged workstations. We are not convinced that this limited niche does need a few different chip sets - but the very change that makes it easier and easier to differentiate between motherboards and chipsets designed for Intel processors and motherboards and chipsets designed for processors He is blessed, after a few years in which we received chip sets with almost identical branding (with consecutive numbering) from both rivalries.

The launch of Threadripper 3000 (with the code name Castle Peak) has indeed disappeared from the roadmaps of For 2019 - but that may happen very early next year

We will continue to follow and update you with more details as soon as possible!

updating: The Techpowerup site provides us with a bit more detail about the new chipset, as it appears that the name TRX40 will be the direct successor to X399 systems today - while the names TRX80 and WRX80 will leap upwards with support for processors older than 32 cores (up to 64 core processing system , Possible?), 8 memorial channels And a very large amount of arteries 4.0, all while maintaining compatibility with the apparently familiar TR4 bracket.

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