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Monday Cyber ​​Deals: NVMe drive is famous for a crazy price

Model 1GB base volume P500 has dropped to its lowest price level - and along with the opportunity to receive it with free shipping, this is a tin that simply cannot be ignored

Compact and modern NVMe drives at cheaper prices than most drives In the SATA interface? This may sound like an illusion until recently - but now it is reality, and you have a golden opportunity to use it to your advantage.

Model Micron P1, one of the models The most modest and budget market with chips Dense and maximum transfer speeds of up to 2,000 megabytes per second, are now dropping to just $ 53.35 price per volume of 500GB in Amazon United States - which means it can be purchased at this exact price these days, free of VAT and free of charge.

The resulting price for this model is slightly less than NIS 190, including home delivery and an expected conversion fee - which is cheaper than NIS 110 from the lowest price of the exact same product in stores in the country, and actually cheaper than the price we received for each drive One half a terabyte.

Not only the cheapest NVMe, but also a drive The Cheapest You Can Get at a Glance - NIS 100 Difference from the Most Competitive Models in Israel

This is not the drive The most nimble and sophisticated around, but it should do the job for most home users with mechanical drive upgrades - and with such a tiny price, less than 40 a gigabyte per gigabyte of , There are not too many reasons to worry. Get caught before the stock goes away and the price jumps back!

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