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Many cores, less price? Intel will launch a new Core-X series soon

Family The home market is expected to be unveiled this fall with up to 18 processing cores - and an updated chipset called X299G

Not only the innovative Ice Lake processors for mobile phones were on the stage of Computex 2019 - In addition to this we also received confirmation that a new and interesting HEDT generation is coming in the coming months, when the company We were also provided with a "bonus" in the form of declaring motherboards to accompany the move.

The Cascade Lake-X is designed to replace processors -X Refresh presented in October 2018, based on a lightly enhanced 14 nm plus plus manufacturing process used by the company's mainstream processors - So we expect some improvements in working frequencies over the pair of previous generations to also improve the maximum turbo frequencies that can be reached, but without moving the existing maximum cores.

More prestigious HEDT models on their way to the market

Continued production of cores in Intel's current approach and method, while retaining the same LGA2066 resident, will not allow the chipmaker to provide us with models with more than 18 processing cores - but with the announcement of the 12 core processor at $ 500 price And the expectation that the 16 processor will be displayed before the end of the year at a price lower than 800 dollars, it is certainly possible to hold on to the fact that we see a certain price decline that can slightly preserve the competitiveness of In a rapidly changing market.

The refinements that have been introduced for the cores from the cores are recently coming to the models with 12,14,16 and 18 cores?

At first we received reports that the parent organizations would accompany a generation This new (which is not at all sure that the company will be the latest in 14 nm lithography in the HEDT world) will be based on a chipset called X499, but now we know its name will actually be X299G (with backward and forward compatibility, it seems) - This is thanks to the company Who did not wait and chose to present fresh motherboards now, not long before we met the processors themselves.

Motherboard with Water is definitely something we do not meet every day

One board under the name Aorus Xtreme Waterforce will offer a block Water for the processor goes through several additional critical components in the motherboard, straight from the factory, while a board called Aorus Master will offer four PCI-Express 3.0 × 16 physical connections, 5Gbps Ethernet connection, connectivity 6 (802.11ax standard) and connectivity Built-in 5.0 and a rear plate to reinforce the entire mechanical structure and aid in uniform heat dissipation.

More models and more details are due to arrive in August

The last and favorite third panel will be the Designare 10G and will include a pair of Ethernet connections at 10Gbps each, built-in Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, connections 3 and many other surprises in an elegant black and white design with no colored illuminations.

Has anyone dreamed of a board with a pair of 10G connections for the perfect workstation?

So can you teach an old processor some new tricks? We'll soon find out the answer.

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