Maximum screen: Asus's new ZenBook S13 is breaking records

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new laptop boasts a screen that is 97 percent of its overall dimensions - and the price is upscale accordingly

The ZenBook Have already excelled in their uncompromising uncompromising abilities, as befits a series designed to provide a kind of competition for the XPS family - But it seems that the reincarnation of the year 2019 is a new record, and not only for the Taiwanese actress but for the entire market.

The new ZenBook S13 has been unveiled with the UX392 as a sub-model to help differentiate it from the previous generation. It includes a slim 2.5 millimeter frame on only three sides of the 13.9 IPS panel and the 1080p resolutions it offers - so thin it takes a little extra In the center section above the screen to integrate the requested webcam. The result is relatively unique and impressive, with a weight of less than 1.1 kilograms and a thickness of less than 13 millimeters.

Strange design - and impressive technological achievement

The hardware inside the ZenBook S13 is one of the latest and most advanced to be expected on such a computer - the Corey i7-8565U quad-core processor from the Whiskey Lake section, built-in 8GB or 16GB built-in dynamic memory, SSM SSD with 512GB, MX150 (probably in the 1d12 version with a power envelope of 10 watts), a touch pad with a built-in fingerprint scanner, a pair Stereo from Harman / Kardon, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channel, Connectivity 5.0 and 50-watts with fast charging support.

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The weight of the new model is slightly higher than its predecessor, in fact, but it is also narrow due to the tiny frame around the display panel - which is also upgraded to cover 100 of the sRGB standard

The main disadvantage of the UX392 compared to its predecessor is the UX391 in its external connection segment - when a Type-C connection supports 3 is unfortunately gone. Your computer still has a pair of USB Type-C 3.1Gen.2 connections up to 10Gbps and an additional Type-A 3.1Gen.2 USB connection - but do not expect to be able to attach external graphics or arrays Extremely fast.

Luxury - with a higher price than the previous generation

The new ZenBook will come to the stores in the coming weeks with the price tag of 1,400 dollars to inflate Dynamic 8GB and 1,500 dollars for enhanced model with 16GB. Logical or exaggerated? Welcome to judge for yourself.