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Particularly colorful water cooling and illumination: the innovations of the world of SSD drives

Team Group Launches Drive New that is all full of colored LED bulbs - and joins the drive Its unique liquid refrigerant

No innovations left in the storage world outside of the flash chips themselves? You laughed at Taiwanese manufacturer Team Group, which manages to surprise us twice in no time - both in the In the good old 2.5 configuration and the cut-out drives Agile in the modern M.2 interface.

The veteran company has several drives in the market With a built-in RGB illumination that appeals to the gaming and gaming enthusiasts who want a bright and shining system perfectly - and now it increases supply and color with the T-Force Delta Max, which looks more like a small TV screen inside the system than a drive traditional.

T-Force Delta Max - Maximum color in your volume

The top of the Delta Max consists of a relatively thin black frame and a semi-transparent center section with a large number of programmable LED bulbs beneath it - and all that remains for consumers is to connect the product to the motherboard and start raving with the countless lighting options available in such a product. Beneath the surface is also a legitimate modern storage drive, with Silicon Motion's SM2258 controller, chips 3D in TLC configuration, continuous transfer speeds of up to 560 megabytes in read and up to 510 megabytes in writing, Random up to 90,000IOPS and volumes between 250GB and 2 terabytes.

It is not surprising whether this amount of LEDs on one surface will allow enthusiasts Talented to create And real animations based on the fresh and unique drive

The official prices are not very low, and are based on 60 dollars as a basis for 250GB and 90 dollars and 150 dollars for 500GB and Terabyte volumes respectively - but our experience with other models from the company suggests that there is some hope that actual prices will be significantly different and lower .

Team Group already has some drives Nice on store shelves - but there's no doubt that Delta Max is in a league of its own

The color model joins the cool Cardea Liquid model - the drive The first home with CCTV to lower operating temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius compared to drives Others who come without means Rule, and acceptance Optimal and stable over time.

Another flash of Team Group that was revealed a few weeks ago

The Cardea Liquid drive is designed for relatively advanced users because it comes with no coolant, and is based on user-sponsored refill (which also allows color matching to the other chassis enthusiast chassis components), although after the initial refill, it is essentially a CCP that does not need Pump to operate - Two compartments in the cooling compartment will allow the liquid to heat up from the controller Flow from one chamber to another and make room for cool liquid which will continue the circulation and heat dissipation operation.

The consumer adds the coolant himself before use - and can choose his preferred shade because of it

It will certainly be interesting to examine the mechanism performance This is in extreme situations compared to the mechanisms Air, passive and active, which we have already encountered in the field of NVMe drives - some of which declare the ability to reduce more than 10 degrees Celsius from controller temperature and storage chips, relative to drives without rule.

We will likely see more luxury drives adopt fluid (or even steam) as the chosen means of cooling down the road

Under the interesting heat sink is an advanced and popular Phison E12 controller capable of delivering up to 3,400 megabytes per second in read and up to 3,000 megabytes in writing, with Maximum random 450,000IOPS and 400,000IOPS reads and writes small 4 files (respectively). The drive will be offered in volumes of 512GB, 256GB and Terabyte and with a three-year warranty, within an impressive volume of writing of more than the full drive volume every day.

Will be more effective than my body Others of drives Advanced?

Recommended prices are 100 dollars per Cardea Liquid 512GB drive and 170 dollars per Terabyte volume, the maximum available in this product for now. Will see more drives soon efforts Water of similar kind and spur gradual price reductions? We will continue to monitor and update.

Great or unnecessary? This is already a question you are invited to answer yourself in the comments.

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