Maximum Performance, Maximum Price: Two monstrous laptops came to the shops

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A highly advanced mobile gaming pair from home And Asus began to be sold in stores, with price tags as unprecedented as performance itself

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In the past two years, the world of mobile computing has been able to reduce the gap in the fixed market, especially if one looks at the top of the most expensive and advanced systems - Now, with the new models they bring to the shops.

On one side stood him The Asus ROG GX700, Which sweeping himself the somewhat surprising title, "the first laptop with water cooling." The product offers a 17.3-inch 1080p screen and supports NVIDIA's G-Sync mobile technology for a higher refresh rate, Core i7-6820HK processor Square cores with open product, sample video card The Mobile GTX 980 is the most powerful Which the mobile world has to offer, memory 32GB or 64GB volume, SamsungXXUMXX's SM2 drive-based internal storage unit - and a "station" Outer water that attaches to the rear of the GX700 when placed on a table or any similar stable surface.

The Asus GX700
The Asus GX700

Which might look like a gimmick first (station The water of the GX700 is large, rather ugly, and not exactly portable), manages to prove itself despite everything - and when the mobile is connected to Its water is able to operate the processor at a converted frequency of 4GHz and the video card at the turbo frequency to the core and the GDDR5 memory which are identical to those found on the real "stationary" GTX 980 card. However, it is worth noting that The water does not really help the noise and heating level to which the GX700 comes from, which are relatively high and similar to those provided by a similar ultra-gaming mobile phone based on Air only.

The water cooling plug allows the mobile to maintain the highest working frequencies Source:
Plugin The water allows the mobile to maintain very high working frequencies

If you are interested in a portable gaming machine that you will be able to provide Even more impressive when you return home (and connect to your cooling position) - the GX700 is available for purchase now, at a price no less than the technology running it of about 4,500 Euro and above.

If you thought Assus's offer was insane - you should also know the new GT80S 6QF Titan SLI from MSI, the next generation For the mobile Titan which was launched at the end of 2014 And was the first in a category that included a mechanical gaming keyboard. The new model retains the mechanical keyboard, but upgrades the material specification with a 18.4-based 1080 panel-based 7p panel, a Core i6820-4.1HK processor capable of reaching up to 4GHz, 32GB or 64GB DDR2 RAM, Samsung M.XNUMX drives and one mechanical hard drive in addition - and a pair of video cards (!) The Mobile GTX 980 sample Intimidating, and truly unprecedented performance in the mobile world.

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As skin, liver - and the most powerful there is

With a weight of five kilograms (plus a large external power supply that adds more than a kilogram), a high level of noise, a tendency to warming to levels that are not very reasonable and life Of less than one hour at maximum effort, the GT80S 6QF is probably one of the least mobile laptops you can buy today - but on the other hand it can offer a level Really crazy, which in most cases will overshadow even the most advanced and expensive stationary gaming computers.

Competes with any game that exists today in the market, both in maximum settings and at higher resolutions than FullHD when connected to an external display medium
Competes with any game that exists today in the market, both in maximum settings and at higher resolutions than FullHD when connected to an external display medium

This crazy device is definitely not suitable for everyone, but it does prove to be an ability to continue the way, as our hardware becomes more cost effective and efficient and the concept of the GT80S 6QF will become much more logical and required. Are you impressed? B- Offer the mobile for sale now, at a price that is supposed to stand at about 5,500 Euro (!) - then probably it's time to take a loan.