Maximum power, minimum price

An impressive power supply and high power supply of 1,500 watts is available for purchase at a surprising price

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Not everyone needs massive power supplies, especially when the cryptographic mining craze seems to have ebbed - but if you're still interested in putting together a particularly formidable system or preparing for a future upgrade, we have a local proposition that you should know about.

The Ivory chain of stores offers one of the flagship products of Cooler Master in the computer suppliers market, MasterWatt Maker 1500 Which has a pair of 12 volts that can carry up to 62.5 each, with a guaranteed efficiency of more than 90 at any loading level (up to 80Plus Titanium).

(200 millimeters long - check that your case supports it) at a very rare price

Power includes a single 135 millimeter fan that will not be operated at all in situations where power consumption and component temperature will allow this, so the choice of this model is also available for systems where the maximum power consumption is 50 or less than the maximum supplied for a completely low operating potential.

MasterWatt Maker 1500 Is offered with seven years warranty and is available in the main warehouse of the chain, with the option to order it directly to your home plus postage or to one of the branches of the chain - and the price required is 850 shekels, which are an extremely good deal for this model or any model with similar power in fact, The stores are overseas.

The power comes with a wide range of long, flattened cables for maximum flexibility in Modding and the assembly of your personal system

Have you encountered more expensive dues for power supplies? Feel free to share your comments!