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Maximum Power in Small Packaging: NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super Cards on the Way to Laptops

Now it looks almost official: Mobile gaming makers are gearing up for the 2080 Super in their products alongside processors -H new octopuses

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Based on previous generations' experience, the latest Super models could be assumed to be Launched in the desktop market in 2019 will sooner or later find their way into the laptop market, similar to the Turing models that preceded them and won this honor (not including the 2080 terrifying Ti).

The months have passed and despite several rumors circulating on the network we have not received any official information on the matter - and now comes the familiar Twitter leak TUM_APISAK and offers us a record of RTX 2080 Super (In the cost-effective Max-Q configuration that has become very popular in the field), from the Geekbench performance test results database.

Extremely powerful master processor, especially powerful graphics processor - soon together in computers Who will attack us in March?

The powerful graphical unit, with 3,072 CUDA units that will set a new high in the category compared to 2,944 active CUDA units in the mobile (and stationary) version of the GeForce RTX 2080, was combined with a new octagonal Core i9-10980HK processor - which comes according to the data in the application's operating frequency 4.92GHz, which may be lower than its final official frequency, given its official promise Launch Comet Lake Processors With maximum frequencies exceeding 5 GHz for the first time in the mobile sector, already during the current quarter.

Past documentation indicates that the power envelope on the Super Mobile models will be the same as the current GeForce RTX mobile models, at least in the Max-Q configurations much more common than their full-power sisters. What an extra From a practical point of view can we see a situation where there is no possibility of increasing the power consumption and the resulting heat dissipation? It would be very interesting to look into this
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Does that mean that the launch of the RTX 2080 Super, and possibly enhanced Super models of the RTX 2070 and 2060, will we get in the next few months? We will keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you updated with any further details.


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