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Maximum volume, minimum stay time: G.Skill's new dynamic memories

The Trident Z brand expands with 32GB volumes per module - and without giving up particularly high-quality timings

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Consumers' demand for larger and larger volumes of memory volumes, of all types and across all product categories, refuses to show signs of decay or slowdown - and to our delight over the past few months we have received the gospel memory With first 32GB dual modules based on new 16GB chips manufactured And a micron. Want up to 128GB of Dynamic in any modern home system? Now it's possible!

A number of different companies have started marketing modules in technology With 32GB of volume per unit over the last few months, including ADATA, Team Group and - When too The renowned Taiwanese has joined the celebration naturally. Now's the time to expand supply - with upgraded models with better timings than we've ever seen in the new volume.

Three different designs with the same advanced hardware behind them - and all of them with a colorful illumination of course

G.Skill Start marketing soon Kits with a total capacity of 32GB of 256GB (eight modules for modern Intel and AMD HEDT systems), 128GB (four modules for Intel or HEDT systems) And to the family of 3000) and up to 64GB (a pair of modules for those looking to keep their future potential upgrading) from Trident Z Royal, Trident Z brands And Trident Z Neo - all tested and quickly validated 3,200MHz operation with ultra-high quality CL14 timings of 14-18-18-38 (according to tRCD-tRP-tRAS-CMD format).

G.Skill made sure to demonstrate the practical workings of the new memories with both Intel's and Lab's , So that none of the consumers will have unnecessary doubts

We do not yet know how much this pleasure will cost consumers, but it is still a positive development and line-up for this area - it is likely that in a year or two we can all enjoy new computer systems with DDR5 technology that will deliver exceptionally high work speeds, alongside volumes Of 64GB and even 128GB as a common default.

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