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Now on the Web: The most affordable external hard drives around

Original article: Let's make the most of the free shipping operation USA - with the 2 Terabyte drive priced Less than 180 shekels

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Offer for limited time Free shipping on any order for 49 dollars and above Mamazon created Very large number of deals Exceptionally high quality just waiting for us all, and us We made sure to collect as many of them as possible for you - But the opportunities just don't seem to stop coming and going.

Now, price drop for Exterior compact from home The volume of 2 terabytes brings it to the ultimate cost point for us purchasers at this time - exactly 50 dollars, which do not require payment for shipping (as long as this deal continues to be available to the public of course) nor does it pay VAT.

At exactly 50 dollars, the resulting drive price is a little less than NIS 180, including the expected conversion fee from the credit card company - which makes it more lucrative than any other 2 terabyte mechanical drive we've ever met, and perhaps more than any other storage drive point. In comparison, the cheapest price in stores in Israel for an external mechanical drive of 2 terabytes is NIS 305, while the cheapest price for the same model of It is NIS 340, so this is a discount of 47 (!) On the price tag, including supplies to your home of course.

Pay less than NIS 100 per terabyte of This is always an indication of a very competitive cost - all the more so when it comes to smaller 2.5-inch configuration-based drives that tend to be more expensive than larger, less elegant 3.5-inch configurations

Suits you? Invite him as soon as possible - because no one really knows when to decide Stop the celebration, in a way that will jump the price by about 9 dollars (18 percent).

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updating: The discounted drive of the drive is unfortunately over and the price has gone up - but if you are still interested we would like to update you that there are two alternative offers for small 2 terabytes for slightly higher 54.99 dollars, or NIS 195, that await you.

Black Elements Model of Company In 2 terabyte volume.

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model Expansion in XTUMX terabytes, with a geometric finish casing something interesting.

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