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Maxwell Seafront: Meet the GeForce GTX 950

Model The cheapest 2.0 is here, and hopes to prove itself as a worthy replacement for the X- GTX 750 Ti favorite

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Lightly late, it's time to get to know the latest video card from home - The GeForce GTX 950, which downloads the architecture 2.0's latest and most effective company to the people, with a minimal and competitive price tag of $ 160 (about $ 100 in direct conversion, and probably about $ 100 to $ 100 when we see it land in stores).

Is he an heir worthy of GTX 750 Ti, and whether it is advanced enough to be a competitive alternative to Big Brother GTX 960, which stands around the corner with a price tag of about 200 dollars (or about 1,050 and above in the country)? It seems like the answer is yes.

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Not surprisingly, the GTX 950 is also marketed as a great card for a growing community of players interested primarily in MOBA games and other relatively competitive gaming titles

As reported before launch, the GTX 950 is based on the core 2.0 GM206-250 with six active SMM clusters that provide 768 CUDA processing units, 48 units together with texture and 32 Rasterization units, all operating at 1,024MHz base frequency and maximum 1,188MHz turbo frequency, combined with Graphical type 2GB or 4GB, and an effective 6.6GHz working frequency.

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Reference model of It is compact and very modest

All of these together should provide theoretical peak performance of 1,572TeraFLOPS, which is about 30 percent lower than those of GTX 960 and about 20 percent higher than those of GTX 750 Ti - with a minimum thermal casing of only 90 watts.

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In the market you can find a variety of custom models from the various manufacturers, with more powerful and quieter clarifications, a slightly more attractive appearance and a small price of 10 dollars only, in most cases

From a practical point of view, the GeForce GTX 950 appears to be in its exact spot - it defeats the GeForce GTX 750 Ti without problems and is a definitely worthy successor to it, and on the contrary offers Which are approximately 15 to 20 lower than those of the GTX 960, which almost exactly match the price differences between the two models.

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Like the GTX 960, and any other X- 2.0 In fact, the GTX 950 also has capabilities Amazing and the ability to reach the frequency Of 1,500MHz in almost every situation - along with almost unprecedented power consumption, cool temperatures and exemplary quiet in most models.

For those looking for a video card capable of running all the games available today without too much planning for the future, 1,080x, 1920 pixels or 900 × 1,600 pixels and with the lowest image quality in some titles - the GTX 950 is a good choice and especially effective, there is no This is doubtful. There is even a connection to create an array , For a potential future increment of about 80 per performance, if and when you decide you need them.

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A pair of SLI cards offers a significant improvement in performance (light blue compared to the performance of a single GTX 950 single card in dark blue), especially at lower resolutions where 2GB Graphical volume is sufficient.
In any case, it seems that purchasing the 950 GTX version with Of 4GB is a smarter choice in future thinking


However, those who are able to invest more 200 to 300 more shekels will probably find a more interesting deal on the GeForce GTX 960 or the rival's Radeon R9 285 , Who know how to provide a few dozen percent More for the benefit of anyone who still wants to make sure the product he buys will continue to "carry around" next year too.

What do you think of the new NVIDIA discounted model? We would love to hear your opinions and observations in the comments.

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