Introducing Dominator Platinum RGB - the new Corsair memory

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The veteran hardware manufacturer launched a model Updated - and we took it for a test

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Hardware manufacturer Corsair has come back to become a big name in terms of hardware components such as dynamic memories, peripherals, computer cases, and so on. In Corsair, in most cases, they are concerned about preserving tradition and launching new products with known brand names - Which landed for us to be examined.

The Dominator Platinum series has been in the market for a number of years, and recently we have seen standard sticks Get that name and arrive at high speeds and certainly respectable.

These classic Dominator Platinum were created in the early days of the 21st century, To computers at the speed of 3000Mhz, which was then considered to be high and not self-explanatory to any processor's ability to exploit it. The Platinum name is obvious when you see the silver part, that arc that is part of the memory module's heat sink.

However, when the package arrived from We were surprised to discover something a little ... different.

This is what the new Platinum Dominator Platinum looks like . The modules are completely black, including the printed circuit board inside.

The same DDR4 kits can be purchased in a wide variety of configurations and volumes. We received a 4 set with sticks of 8GB each, a set that of course is designed for a system with four memory channels such as X299 . The range of speeds is also relatively varied, from 3000Mhz to 3600Mhz with extremely fast timings. The 3200Mhz series comes with 14-14-14-34, which is one of the quickest definitions for today's advanced memories.

Of course RGB is part of the name, and the appearance. Who is she Today without RGB? There are five lights on each side of the memory stick, along with a logo in the center. There is also an interesting light show in the section below the metal arch. Here is a demo video:

The lighting pattern is fully controlled and advanced in iCue, the main control software of the . These squares on the head of the memory sticks receive their unique lighting patterns due to the non-standard form.

As noted, our sticks come at a very respectable speed of 3200Mhz and at times of CL14-14-14-34. It is very evident that at Choose only the highest quality chips that memory manufacturers have to offer. In our case, each stick is printed 8 chipset on one side, and they are made B-die, which are considered to be the most important players in the memory market.

As far as pricing is concerned, so far the series has been one of the most prestigious, Offer and it has not changed. With a high position above memories like Vengeance Dominator Platinum will be recommended primarily to those who love this particular look.

The price of such a 4X8GB 3200Mhz is $ 705, while Vengeance RGB Pro at 3200Mhz CL16 and the same volume will cost only $ 380. Yes. Going down to Dominator Platinum 3000Mhz CL15 will already reduce the price to only $ 420, but its memory chips do not accept the flexibility of overclocking with chips Selected.

Standard set - 2400Mhz CL17
XMP Evaluation Settings - 3200Mhz CL14

We wanted to know how much the new Dominator Platinum RGB memories could be stretched, so we started with their speed. The exam system includes a processor i7 7820X with eight cores and motherboard AUX .

A good result we have reached is 3466Mhz speed under all other speed settings by default. The voltage required for complete stability is 1.4v only for memory, which is considered to be relatively respectable and relatively low. 80GB line split per second at fast read speed The processor is not something that any kit can get close to.

Nice to see that there is a new memory kit from . The branding is a bit strange to us because there is not a single drop of platinum in these memories because they are completely black. It can be assumed that the idea behind this is that the color scheme will be as simple as possible to allow the lamps to do the work.

As far as speed is concerned, we are impressed by the quality of the sticks, but this is not something we have not seen before. These are high-end Samsung chips, which can be found cheaper without the addition of RGB and high-end brand switching . The excellent software is a good bonus, and branding is of course a good one. You can not be mistaken . Those of you who connect to the theme will find here a very interesting product.