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Meet MSI's most interesting motherboards - for the New Age Ryzen processors

Renowned motherboard manufacturer presents advanced and uncompromising line of chipset X570-based motherboards - on the arrival of processors The latest

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We have gathered for you some of the most interesting Motherboards of Which are now displayed at the Computex 2019 exhibition in Taiwan. The X570 chipset is new and updated and accompanies the processors Newcomers announced this morning.

X570 is the first consumer chipset that includes full PCI Express 4.0 support for expansion interfaces. We already know that cards RX 5700 that will be launched this summer will come in the updated interface, although it is important to note that they are expected to work properly and without problems also in the interface 3.0 standard.

The "budget" in the new MSI motherboard family is the MPG X570 Plus. This is aimed at a price category of about $ 139. We know that the parallel motherboard in the X470 series is very popular because it is close to the price of cheaper chip sets and we do not expect to change the subject with this motherboard.

The MPG X570 Edge WiFi is geared toward productivity and the gamer doing other things as well. As the name suggests, there is a WiFi card included and also shows a little more "gamery" in terms of overclocking capabilities, we do not expect a big change than the one in Plus thanks to the power supply system is quite similar to the processor.

There are also motherboards for those who are not willing to compromise. MSI loves the X570, we know it because its Godlike brand makes its debut in the chassis . The MEG X570 Godlike is Which includes a large electric system with 70A stages in 14 processor phase, multiple 2 interfaces, and even 10 X-NMX broadband Internet expansion cards and additional 2 cards on the interface. 4.0. Of course there are also advanced WiFi AC and other sweets. This luxury motherboard saves nothing.

You can find the MSI website Additional motherboards for the new chip set of .

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