Meet the new Radeon gaming team

E3 Conference Starting and Is holding the Next Horizon event With its new hardware. Let's get to know the very promising screen cards on the way

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Summer 2019 in the doorway and AMD Heats motors towards competition against On the heart of the gamer with the new graphics cards for the family .

God- 5700 is a family that carries a little noslastic name (for those of you who remember HD 5000) and has a brand that also makes a comeback in the form of XT (a branding that disappeared a little over a decade ago on Radeon cards).

The goal is clear - creating complete AMD systems that include a processor and a graphics card containing AMD cores, Stay out of the game for some users.

The older brother's name in the pair is the Radeon RX 5700 XT. This video card is based on the RDNA architecture In the 7 process the nanometer. It contains 8GB of Graphic type . The frequency of the operation this time is slightly different from what we knew with a base clock, a maximum clock and a clock. The game clock is the frequency at which the average video card is expected to be played while playing.

The Radeon RX 5700 XT has put the successful RTX 2070 in the competition . In front of him in a selection of games she chose , Observed transport Average of about 5 percent and more.

With a relatively minimalist and unique design, RX 5700 XT will come to market with processors New ones when it carries a price tag of 449 dollars, about 50 dollars less than the price 2070

There is also a cheaper model called Radeon RX 5700 (this time without XT). This video card comes to compete directly with 2060's RTX . Is an 8GB theme of And action frequencies are slightly lower than those of his older brother.

Here the performance performance looks high and impressive together for the XT model versus RTX 2070. This confidence in performance The authority to price the video card a little over- 2060 with a price tag of 379 dollars compared to the competitor's 349 dollars. We can not help but be a little doubtful if this is the right step in marketing, since the same price will drive a lot of persuading the user to move to the Red side and less popular in the competition.

For these two graphics cards, third-party versions are expected from a variety of print board manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte, , And all are expected to arrive in the Holy Land already in July through the various local distributors.

We strongly recommend waiting for the independent performance tests many of us will do. Do these graphics convince you that on the red side there are winning products? Sounds to read in comments!