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Get to know Razer's new-old mouse

One of the early popular models of the gaming company comes back to life with featherweight

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Somewhere in 2004, when Another relatively obscure brand in the beginning and dedicated gaming peripherals considered a strange fly, the Viper mouse came to the stores, being the first of the optical sensor company (instead of the good old rubber ball) - and actually began a long-standing tradition that made the black products- Green to famous people all over the globe.

15 years later, when- She is a successful company offering countless different products beyond the mice and keyboards, the Viper An interesting comeback.

This is what the original Viper looks like, a decade and a half ago when even the legendary DeathAdder was not yet in the planning

The 2019 Viper model is a symmetrical wired gaming mouse designed for both left and right hand users, with a fifth-generation optical sensor up to 16,000DPI (probably based on the same PixArt PMW3389 sensor in Razer's other modern gaming mice) Mechanical Mechanism Main Buttons for Surviving 70 One Million Click Operations, a Rubber Finishing Wheel for Maximum Comfort, Eight Programmable Dedicated Buttons Through the Manufacturer's Synapse 3 Application, and 1,000Hz Sampling Frequency to Ensure No Pressure or Traffic .

Thus, Viper now, in the modern age

Like any modern mouse of The Viper also features Chroma technology for built-in 16.8 million tones of color illumination that can be controlled and influenced through the Synapse 3, and also includes a dedicated button at the bottom designed to change between 5 different precision settings in the mouse action that can be saved in the product's tiny internal memory - without worrying that incorrectly pressing the button will change the nature of the operation suddenly at the most critical moment in the game.

Will the low weight and ambidextrous design make it a hit, despite the relatively high price tag?

The main uniqueness of the Viper compared to other recent mice It's low-weight, which stands at just 69 grams (without the weight of the USB cable) compared to weights above 100 made most other models - it's actually the company's lightest wired mouse ever. The model's recommended price will be $ 80, and we're already starting to hold our fingers to a slight drop to a level of 75 or less that will allow its online purchase without the need to pay VAT.

An intriguing product that needs a small cost cut - at least for the benefit of Israeli consumers

How about this nostalgic piece? Let's tell in the comments.

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