Meet the world's thinnest laptop, for now

Acer uses its new generation of processors To create a spectacular computer, just before the rest of the competition

In what constitutes a complete contrast to the terrifying Predator 21X, presents to us Also its new Swift 7 mobile phone - which manages to bypass the And get the title (coveted?) For the thinnest computer in the entire market, with a thickness of only 9.98 millimeters at the thickest point that enters the territory that was reserved previously for tablets and smartphones only.

The Swift 7 is made of an aluminum shell that combines a black color on the outside and a gilded color on the inside - in a somewhat similar way To Spectre 13, which had the title of the thinnest laptop only a few months ago - With a standard IPS screen with no 13.3 touch interface and a 1080p resolution protected by a Gorilla Glass cover, a Kaby Lake Core i5-7Y54 dual core Newly announced, DDR3L RAM of 8GB, drive Of 256GB, a system 10 in the Home version and an 40-watts battery that should be sufficient for my life Relatively handsome for up to nine hours.

Thin, light and stylish
Thin, light and stylish

The Swift 7 is also characterized by a minimum weight of 1.1 kilograms (although we have already seen Which weighs less than one kilogram, including larger ones with an 15-inch screen), 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity with 2 2 antenna array, stereo speakers, an impressive touchpad that also features a built-in fingerprint scanner The 3.1 Type C is only slightly thicker than the chassis itself and will be used both for charging the laptop and for transmitting the information and viewing it to and from it.

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It's hard to describe this tiny profile in words - but will it come at the expense of performance?
It's hard to describe this tiny profile in words - but will it come at the expense of performance?

With the expected availability in October and with a price tag of 1,000 in the United States (no extra taxes) or 1,300 (including taxes) in Europe, the Swift 7 can be seen as a very interesting option for those looking for the smallest and most portable computer that money can buy on days These - but it seems that he certainly is not free from limitations.

Its Core i5 processor may confuse, but it is actually an ultra-economical, ultra-efficient 5-powered ultra-thin Core XXUMX processor that has been branded in the new Kaby Lake generation, probably because Intel wants to reduce the stigma of these models as weak and inferior, Core i popular and popular. The final performance of the Swift 4.5 will depend significantly on the cooling solution (the passive and the passive) that Acer chose to implement, for a practical thermal envelope of only 7 watts, 3.5 watts or 4.5 watts According to manufacturer's definitions. We already know that של Are directly dependent on the quality and efficiency of its cooling - but in this case it seems that we will not be able to know what we will actually receive until they reach the first reviews that shed light on performance and capabilities beyond what is written on paper.

In addition, the Apple-style choice to include only a pair of USB Type C connections as a solution for all user requirements is quite problematic and will require dedicated adapters or cables in most cases - even for any average USB drive that still has the oldest and oldest Type-A connector. Also the decision to offer only 256GB of storage and especially only 8GB of memory It is strange given the ever-increasing demand and the processor's ability to support larger volumes.

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A massive touchpad is probably a great addition, but why are there only a pair of Type C connectors?

Acer has certainly achieved an admirable technological achievement and proved that it has good engineering capabilities - but only time will tell us whether it really is a device worth considering as your next purchase, or just something to be positively impressed and move on.