Introducing: These are the new Kaby Lake desktop processors from HWzone
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Meet: These are Intel's new desktop Kaby Lake processors

Official documents from the chip manufacturer confirm the model names and working frequencies of the next generation of processors from the chipmaker's home

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The Kaby Lake mobile processors have been on the market for close to two months, but at the same time, stationary models we still do not have and will not be until the beginning of next year - but what we can take comfort in now is a number of official documents that it distributed Through its official network channels, which reveal the names of the models waiting for us around the corner and a few other interesting details.

The first wave of i7 and i5 Desktops will include 10 products, with no surprises when it comes to the numbers they will receive: The i7-7700K will be the four-core model with HyperThreading support and an open-frequency multiplexer, i7-7700 will be slightly reduced with no open product and with slightly lower working frequencies, i7-7700T will be a cost-effective version (probably 35W as in the previous models) that will target integrated, compact stationary systems.

Similarly, the i5 family will include the i5-7600K with the open product, i5-7600, the i5-7600T and the- i5-7500, the i5-7500T, i5-7400 and i5-7400T.

There are no surprises on model names, but yes there are improved frequencies
There are no surprises on model names, but yes there are improved frequencies

What is even more interesting is a breakdown of the base frequencies of all these new models, which reveals an improvement of 100MHz to 300MHz compared with the generation of the Skylake processors, i5-7600K As the big gainer whose basic workflow has jumped from 3.5GHz on- i5-6600K to 3.8GHz - a change that should provide almost 10 percent for performance on its own, and may increase if the new generation's maximum turbo frequencies (not yet officially known) provide an even greater increase than the base frequencies.

Also the improvement in the turbo frequency of the Core i5-7600K will be 300MHz, allegedly Source:
The improvement in the turbo frequency of the i5-7600K will stand on the apparent 300MHz

The Core i7-7700K has the addition of 200MHz to its core frequency, which rises to an impressive 4.2GHz And corresponds to what we saw in the network earlier, Which may indicate that the maximum 4.5GHz turbo frequency we have heard is also compatible with the reality, and will be an upgrade of 300MHz compared to the frequencies in which, i7-6700K. In addition to the frequencies themselves, the Kaby Lake processors will be offered with updated Speed ​​Shift v2 technology that enables faster and more effective changes in the working frequencies, Possible from the system and thermal envelope available in any situation, and further enhance the capabilities.

In addition, one can only try and guess what the potential of the new generation will be, and if it is worthy, it can be another important addition to the advanced K models.


For dessert, the documents of We also confirm the continuation of the status quo when it comes to the new generation motherboards - Z270 will be the most advanced configuration that will inherit the Z170 and will probably be the only one that will allow By increasing the product, H270 and B250 will target the middle and low market and Q250 and Q270 will target business and organizational consumers.


If you believe another fresh report from the site, quad-core H processors In a thermal envelope of 45 watts should also arrive in the first quarter of next year, after which we may also see H models from a new category in thermal envelope of 18 watts only

We still don't know when exactly the Kaby Lake desktop processors will arrive in stores (probably during the first quarter of 2017, but it's not engraved in the rock), but we expect them to be impatient - and also expect ZEN-based FX processors from home Who are supposed to give them a real fight.


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  1. That's what happens when there is no competition, recycle themselves with minor processing improvements and nice jumps on the built-in video card.

    To put 6 cores without ht in i5.

    I wish Zen didn't disappoint, I'd love to move to amd.

    1. That's what happens when you keep buying every time they take out new nonsense.
      If they did not buy when there was a minor change, they would take it out with a much more drastic change

    2. Also I hope the strain does not disappoint ... Just him I wait !!! Recently a new Benz of unclear processor (catalog as sample) came out in the Rendor's Bench reached the level of xenon processor with 10 physical cores which is a shell of shell if you check the stock is down relatively strong as 4 Percentage and it is scary, there is a situation that investors know as in a way more than what comes out of the media ... We will wait and see what will be

  2. 4.2GZ at an average temp of 37º This means serious improvement! _ (If this is true of the picture there of course).

    1. It is considered real even if the board was not in the chassis + cooling that does not meet the Stoke settings?…?

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