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Mega Quiz Quiz #43 Mobile Winner!

The Mega Quiz of the Zoon comes back in a special edition of two weeks in honor of the holidays with a laptop gift YYYDeals
The computer comes with an Intel processor i3-2370M, 500GB hard disk, 4GB memory For a long period of time, so you do not get bored during the holidays, it's time to be sharp

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You must find the words in a crossword puzzle until you finally fill in the brown squares. From the letters in the brown squares, the answer word must be composed, the assembly order is top to bottom and right to left. When sending the solution, only the solution word should be sent, no other answers are required. Puzzles of letter mixing will be marked with (p). Puzzles that are marked when they are spoken are puzzles that suggest that the word of repentance sounds like a different word but not necessarily written like it. For those of you who want to send puzzles they created - please send the riddle with the solution and register in the title "Puzzle + Solution".


3. Responsible for the food shopping site (5)6. For me a hundred a month for the manufacture of chips (7) according to Hagai Kisari8. Enough water reservoir number of transactions (5)

10. Silk Wire Tile With Manufacturer (7)


1. They produce a stream of the most sacred (8)2. Sha'ar took and walked around the country, with a friend (5,4)

4. I wish the sea would turn into a cell phone (5)5. Moshe made a monkey for the gamers (4,3)

7. A file preserves a place without content2,5) (P)

9. Used for data processing of a Christian (5) (P)

1. Strimes
2. Golan telecom
3. Amazon
4. Lomia
5. Game Server
6. silicon
7. Dead link
8. Deals
9. Pipeline
10. Corsier
The solution word is forgiveness

The prize is: a new laptop X55C-SX102H Asus

The winner of the computer is Elran A., congratulations!

On the quiz answered 146 surfers, of which 144 correct


4 תגובות

  1. הכל מובן, חוץ מ-1
    מישהו יכול בבקשה להסביר לי את 1? (ידעתי שהתשובה סטרימרים, פשוט או שלא הבנתי את ההגדרה או שאני לא מסכים איתה.)

    מייצרים זרם – מזרימים, כלומר סטרימרים
    של הכי קדושה – ??
    (הכי קדושה יכול להיות י-ם או מרים.)

    אני כנראה מפספס כאן משהו, אבל ההגדרה הזאת לא נראית לי טובה/תקנית.

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