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Today in Amazon: 16GB DDR4 branded memory is recognized with RGB illumination, at a price without VAT

Pair Colorful and high quality from Team Force offered at Amazon at a low price from the Israeli VAT exemption

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From the very moment that memories began Modern 16GB volumes drop below the $ 75 price level, or the Israeli VAT exemption that significantly lowers when you order from overseas, we wonder when it will also be the turn of products that include built-in colored LEDs that also make them a great visual celebration.

It started from anonymous brand models - and now it seems that memories can finally be obtained With appropriate material characteristics and illumination Built from reputable names at a very good price.

A significant price drop for quick memories

A pair of memories of the Taiwanese Team Group, a T-Force Delta RGB series with a black (aluminum) cooling body and a programmable color illumination Which supports all synchronization and The popular ones out there, at a fast base of 2,666MHz and with high quality CL15 timings - are available at 74.53 dollars including home delivery, which is NIS 270. Definitely successful deal for those who want to decorate their system from the inside without tearing the pocket.

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Memories are officially supported and tested by a very large number of motherboards from all manufacturers - and can be synchronized with just about any other material product with a colorful illumination

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  1. I would love if you installed Illumination -> Lighting.

    We are still suffering from 'rushing' (overclocking)…

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