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Memories in four channels - magnifying volumes

Eight squares under a magnifying glass

A few months ago we introduced you to the new Extreme platform , Which includes new motherboards in the chassis LGA2011 Carrying the chipset X79 And the accompanying processors from the series Core i7 3000. Even in this eccentric socket, similar to what we saw a few years ago on the "LGA1366, There is a change in the memory system. In the seat LGA1366 The memory array was three-channel compared to the two-channel system in the mainstream LGA1156). With the launch of theLGA2011 Introduced The possibility of array Four-channel. The advantage of this array is not only the total memory capacity supported on the motherboards but also the higher working speed due to the amount of channels taller.

The manufacturers of the memories did not remain indifferent and on the launch day they presented a wide range of memories In a four-channel array ranging from a volume of 4 gigabytes to the astronomical volume of 64 gigabytes, operating at frequencies ranging from 1333 MHz to 2400 MHz. Thus, the socket has not only become the realm of the ambitious but also winked at those who are interested in a well-oiled work machine ready for the heaviest editing software that requires a resource amount that would simply be too big for a mainstream mainstream computer.
In this review we will present you eight של Designed specifically for the resident LGA2011. Which means that in each set there are four steaks of . This time, we did not choose specific speed and identical data for all memories to demonstrate performance differences from the simplest memories to the fastest. The sets include With a total volume of 8 gigabytes up to 32 gigabytes and at speeds ranging from 1333MHz to 2133MHz.
In this review, using the test system we will also demonstrate the differences using a set of 16 gigabytes to see the difference in performance between using the channel One, two, three, and four.

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  1. Finally
    It is now clear that there is no difference between one-channel and two-channel memory
    Well done

  2. Question for those who understand
    As shown by the read / write / copy results
    There is a clear difference between one channel and 2 and 3 and 4
    Should I always put two steaks and not one?

  3. In connection with AVEXIR's memoirs
    I really liked the design of these memories and their random lighting and I wanted to know if these memories already exist in Israel, so where then? , And are these memories suitable for motherboards such as Asus P8Z68 Socket 1155 for example?

  4. 5, and 4
    5 - The answer is definitely yes, the 32GB set worked perfectly in my P8P67 PRO.

    4 - Despite the great differences seen in this test, I can safely say that you will not yet notice the difference when it comes to the same amount of memory. What is most correct for the domestic user to do today is to buy a single stick of 4GB in 90-115 NIS, and in the distant future add another that will double the quantity and also complete a two-channel array

  5. To 6
    I would be happy if you would tell me where to find a memory of 4 Giga at the price you recorded. The cheapest start at 130 in stores like KSP and Ivory ...

  6. The question that needs to be asked is
    LGA2011 motherboards are currently worth several hundred shekels more than those of LGA1155. When and when a processor came out ivy bheredge LGA2011 at a sane price and not completely crazy.

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