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Memory Stick of 1GB from OCZ

Recently more and more people have switched to 1GB memory, instead of the norm 512MB. The only problem those who want more memory is the fact that there is not a single memory stick of 1GB, so to buy 1GB memory requires a pair of 512 stacks, which will limit the upgrade options in the future.

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OCZ began manufacturing 1GB sticks, these stickers will enter the market this month. The new steaks will be supplied with OCZ cooling sides and will consume 2.7 volts. The memories will be introduced in PC3500 / 433MHz and PC3700 / 466MHz. The PC3500 version will work in the following formats: 3-3-3-8, while the PC3700 version will be used in the following timings: 3-4-4-8. The price is currently unknown but the OCZ will try to take into consideration even the low market.

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