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Memory with LCD from Corsair

The memory company Corsair has been known for years as a company that manufactures excellent memory products. The company's memory modules not only perform well but are always one step ahead of competitors. About a year ago, Corsair went out with its PRO memories, which, besides being high-quality and highly respected OCs, had LEDs that indicated the level of memory usage. This function was indeed a very nice and exciting function for the audience of the moderators (and owners of the transparent package with a window), but did not contribute much to the performance of the memory.

Coursier went with the idea of ​​LEDs one more step when, in the company's new memory modules, it incorporated small single-line LCDs in which information about the memory itself is displayed. On the above monitor, the memory displays its speed, temperature and voltage, as well as a personal message of up to 23 characters (of course English).

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The memory in question is rated as DDR500 memory, it was checked for three days by the HardOCP site staff at this speed and found to be normal. The aforementioned memory modules are prime models and even now they cannot be officially announced on the company website but it is already known that these memories (when they go on the market) will cost between 20 $ and 40 $ more than PRO modules at the same speed.



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