Micron's SSDs - now at a price we have not yet met

The popular MX500 models from the Do not stop surprising us - and now you can purchase a drive in the form of 2.5 inches or in the configuration of M.2 reduced by less than half a shekel per gigabyte of storage

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SSDs from the mainstream , Or Micron for you, was one of the most pleasant surprises last November in various online versions of With surprisingly low prices and impressive - and to our delight even after the days of the Black Friday and the Siberian Mandy, prices have remained very competitive. Now, out of nowhere, we're getting another temporary reduction for 500GB versions of the MX500 models that make ignoring them a real crime for any real hardware enthusiast.

Amazon USA can now purchase the best-quality models in the modern SATA drive segment at a base price of just $ 58 - and a final price of 65.8 dollars to traditional 2.5-inch configuration version או 65.15 USD for M.2 Including extra delivery to your home. Price of only about NIS 245, which is one of the lowest we've seen for my drives Half a terabyte of each type and model - all the more so when it comes to models worthy of a long-standing brand.

If you have not yet upgraded the system drive from - This is definitely an excellent opportunity to take this significant step

We do not know how long the existing inventory will survive with this wonderful liquidation price - and therefore we strongly recommend that anyone who has not yet purchased the " Where they want to act as soon as possible, before everything disappears. Successful shopping and a pleasant upgrade!