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Micron is starting to sell its first mobile SSD

God- X8 is the first model of the American manufacturer - alongside an enlarged version of the budget BX500 drive and the first model of its kind with the Inside

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Micron's products are some of the most successful and well-known available in the home storage world, although in recent times the selection seems to have been lacking, with no high-speed NVMe models and no drives Mobile exteriors that have started to gain momentum with companies like And SanDisk you Featuring several models each.

Now on the store shelves you can find X8 trying to change the situation - the brand's first mobile SSD That utilizes the full potential of 3.2 Gen.2 USB connections (10 gigabits per second bandwidth) with the promise of continuous read speeds of up to 1,050 megabytes per second, or nearly 2 from most drives Exteriors sold today.

It is not difficult to purchase a dedicated chassis which can make any drive Internal to the outside in a few moments - but if you prefer someone to do the work for you, you can now also choose a mission micron

God- X8 is actually the drive P1, NVMe standard and dense QLC chips, in a fine black casing made of metal designed to survive falls from heights of up to 2.3 meters without damage and combined From ASMedia that bridges the original hardware interface to a standard USB interface - so we also know which Random can be expected from the product, more or less.

The X8 is offered with a three-year warranty and official recommended prices of 190 dollars for one terabyte and 130 dollars for 500GB - prices that are far higher than the current prices of those P1 drives on which they are based, although to our delight, this seems to be the case in this case. In a slightly better market: The basic model is sold at a base price of 120 dollars (or 144.92 dollars plus VAT - NIS 510) while the terabytes model is offered at 165 dollars, or 199.1 dollars with VAT and shipping which are NIS 700.

Micron designates the drive for use as external storage for devices as well , For home tablets And game consoles for And Microsoft

Let's hope the prices of the drives Micron's exteriors, as well as other manufacturers, will continue to shrink soon - until they get as close to drive price Standard internal, and purchasing these products at 500GB for less than 75 dollars without the need for VAT is no longer an impossible task.

Click here to go to the Amazon Product Page - 500GB version

Click here to go to the Amazon Product Page - 1000GB version

Alongside the new external drive, Micron also began selling another version of the budget BX500 drive With double volume of 2 terabytes (Base price of 215 dollars on Amazon as of today - and in this case, too, should hope for a gradual decline to below 200 dollars) - and also announced its first drive based on the innovative 3D Xpoint technology developed and manufactured in collaboration with the company .

The Micron X100 drive will be an advanced and prestigious model with a full PCI-Express X16 interface, for the corporate world and with massive prices as soon as possible - so we will have to continue to wait for the day when we can see competition for home Optane drives and accelerators .

American society is finally adopting - But it will only be one product and a very niche market at this point


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