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Micron Reveals: New Crucial Ballistix Clothes

Recent, beautiful and nimble DDR4 memories from the renowned brand Welcome to Micron's official stand at the CES 2020 Exhibition - along with the drive Its the first exterior

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Yes, Micron also had its own booth at the CES 2020 show - which is expected to star the home brand , With focus for memories Self-made chips of course.

Starting next month, Micron will begin a refresh on the look and feel of the memories. Her Ballistix - now offered under the names Ballistix , Ballistix and Ballistix Max at the high end of the field. The Ballistix and Ballistix models They will all be offered with a black, white or red metallic shade of choice for consumers - with or without a built-in color illumination respectively, and with volumes of 4GB to 32GB for each module at speeds starting at 2,400 MHz at the lower end and reaching up to 3,600 MHz.

these are Extremely low-profile dynamics - compared to all other models in the environment that include RGB illumination
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Want to go all the way? You will prefer The Ballistix Max will be offered with metallic black diffusers, with 8GB or 16GB volumes per module and high test speeds of between 4,000MHz and 4,400MHz under a number of different timing levels. Built-in temperature sensors and even the option of customized XNUMXD printing for the top edge colored LED lights.

Micron has not yet reached the peak speeds of some of its competitors - but it does order in branding and is definitely approaching it
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The standard Ballistix models can be obtained in both standard desktop and compact SO-DIMM configurations for tiny stationary and computers - whereas the Ballistix Max models will only be available in full size at this time.

The USB drive The first exterior based on flash chips in the configuration - Which should make it especially competitive sooner or later
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What else is on the menu for the beginning of the current year? Crucial X8's external SSD drive also featured on the display with a reminder that it is designed and compatible with both Windows-based and MacOS-based PCs - as well as consoles And PlayStation 4. Now just wait until prices drop and get as close as possible to the price of the drives P1 (or 660p) on which it is based.

An interesting way to speed up the performance of your console in your living room
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