Microsoft's Evening: Bracelet, Smartphones, Tablet and even Competitor for Pro HWzone Pro
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Microsoft's Evening: Bracelet, Smartphones, Tablet and even Competitor for Pro Bottle

The software giant continues to develop with its hardware business with a line of up-to-date and impressive products

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This evening (the 6 in October) will probably be remembered as one of the most successful for Microsoft in the past year. At a busy press conference, we got to know the second generation of its smart bracelet, which still costs about as much as a smart watch, unfortunately with a price tag of $ 250, and next to it three more And two tablet computers New - and the goggles Which will be launched early next year with a psychic price tag of about $ 3,000.

The three new smartphones, the first to run the system 10 in the mobile version, are the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL duo that we actually knew all the technical details a few days ago - and the discounted Lumia 550 that will cost 140 dollars. The Lumia 950 duo has certainly impressed with modern specifications, the state-of-the-art Continuum technology that really allows a smartphone to function like a computer But also more than you will get in most equivalent smart devices), and especially price tags are surprisingly good compared to the preliminary reports of 550 dollars to - 950 and 650 USD- 950 XL.

Continuum is a capability that has the potential to become Microsoft's largest, if its support continues to expand significantly
Continuum is a capability that has the real potential to become a great las - If support continues to expand significantly

In contrast, the Lumia 550 feels like a shadow of the previous budget instruments (And Nokia, formerly) with the 32 Bit processor only, basic cameras and most of the lack of support for the Continuum technology in question, making it a pretty impressive deal, even more so when compared to the Chinese Android models offered at the same price level. However, there is no doubt that Microsoft will launch another range of new discount models over the next few months - so it remains to be hoped that at least some of them will be able to offer a slightly more attractive offer to the tens of millions of users who do not want or cannot afford flags.

The Lumia 550 could have been a wonderful smartphone - if only 30 or 40 had been subtracted from its price
The Lumia 550 could be Wonderful - if only he shed about 30 or 40 percent of his price

The fourth generation of the Surface Pro tablet was also unveiled at the press conference and, contrary to expectations, will be based not only on the cost-effective Core M processors of the new Skylake generation - but also on more powerful Skylake-U processors, in expensive models. The Surface Pro 4 features a thinner screen shell that allows the screen itself to be slightly larger while retaining the same physical dimensions as the Surface Pro 3, will provide back support for most Surface Pro 3 extensions and also offer its own upgraded line of pen extensions Touch with 1,024 touch levels and keyboard covers with a more comfortable feel - and most importantly offer more advanced models with up to 16GB of RAM and up to terabytes of flash chip-based storage. Prices of the Surface Pro will range from 900 dollars for the model The most basic M, and up to 2,700 dollars (!) i7 the most powerful of all. We can only hope that this time we will finally see the official launch and marketing of these tablets in Israel.

For dessert, we also got a big surprise from Microsoft in the first ever (hybrid) laptop from Microsoft, which was almost immediately designated as the main competitor of Apple's renowned Macbook Pro laptop. The Surface Book features an unusual 13.5-inch 2,000 × 3,000 pixel screen, Skylake-U processors, dedicated graphics cards The advanced models and keyboard that disassemble the main screen component, with a pivot in a unique structure that allows a variety of angles and modes to be selected by the user. With prices starting at 1,500 dollars and rising quite quickly to more than 2,000 dollars, there is no doubt that this is a super-premium product that also makes Surface Pro 4 look cheap and reasonable - it will be very interesting to find out if this is a great annex for As a computer manufacturer , Or maybe this time her ambitions are a little too high.

Just as we thought we had seen all the imaginable laptop axes technologies, Microsoft was able to surprise us with something strange and quite refreshing
Just when we thought we'd seen all the imaginable laptop axial technologies, Manages to surprise us with something strange and quite refreshing

Expect to get all the details about these exciting new devices soon.

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