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Microsoft's first laptop feels like a MacBook Pro on steroids

God- The new Book is even more expensive than the Pro 4, but it may also be the most powerful computer you will find at a weight of one and a half kilos

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Alongside the promising Lumia 950 and Surface Pro 4 tablets, Microsoft has provided us with another big and surprising announcement in the Surface Book - the company's vision for Windows 10 era laptops, which emerges as the most significant competitor to Mac's popular MacBook Pro , Both in capabilities and in price.

The Surface Book offers 13.5 × 2,000 pixel-pixelSense touchscreen technology and 3,000 × 3 pixel resolution (still 2: 1,800 unusual aspect ratio), each of which has been individually color-calibrated to deliver an extremely high 1 contrast ratio, Shell made of magnesium alloy similar to the Surface Pro 4, a pair of front stereo speakers, 8 front-facing camera with Windows Hello Face Detection technology, 5 rear-facing camera, updated Surface Pen pen included in product price, system 10 and also Which should provide up to 12 working hours between charges. The weight of 1,576 grams makes it quite easy considering the hardware that can be found in some of the models we will discuss below.


The new laptop's great uniqueness comes thanks to its hybrid mechanism - we've already seen hybrid laptops where the keyboard component can be disassembled from the screen component, and those with a rotating 360-degree spindle that can be used both as a traditional laptop and as a But Microsoft is trying to integrate the two scallops together with a magnetic connector between the screen component (yes, the device can also be used as a tablet separately) to the keyboard component, Book both with the screen facing the keyboard and in the opposite direction, so the back of the screen element is facing the keyboard. In addition, the axis connecting the two components consists of a number of vertebrae, similar to a bracelet of a clock, so that the computer can be used at almost every conceivable angle. The verbal explanation is a bit complicated, but the above official video helps to understand the nature of this interesting mechanism more conveniently.

Our opinion of the Surface Book is a division, since its basic model will cost no less than 1,500 dollars for which you will get a total of 128GB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM and processor i5-6600U double - A deal that is quite difficult to justify, with due respect to the quality of construction and the unique axis of the device.

A quality screen, a quality casing, a quality keyboard - and a quality hinge that connects them all together

However, for 1,900 dollars and above, you get a model that includes a more reasonable 256GB internal storage - and especially a discreet NVIDIA video card, whose identity has not been officially announced but is known to contain one GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory. According to recent reports The network shows that the video card in question is a custom model of the GeForce GTX 950M - which will have the potential to make the Surface Book a very successful working machine in the lightweight mobile category, even more than the equivalent MacBook Pro models where you'll find "only" the Iris core Built - in 6100 Pro . We'll have to wait patiently for my exams Official to test the capabilities of that dedicated video card, but in the meantime, the potential here seems to exist - for those willing to spend 2,000 dollars or more on a computer Of course.

The Surface Book can be more expensive than the comparable MacBook Pro laptop - and that's without having been set to the top model price with a terabyte of storage space, which is about to stand at about 3,100 (!) Dollars
The Surface Book manages to be more expensive than the equivalent MacBook Pro in size - and without it being set to the top model with a terabyte of volume , Which will be approximately 3,100 (!) Dollars

With or without the video card in question, there is no argument that the Surface Book is a very expensive laptop that will probably run only to a limited user niche - much smaller than the Surface Pro 4 probably, because in this specific case, computers are not difficult to find With parallel and even better specifications and at a lower cost, if you are willing to compromise a little on the final weight (something that does not really exist in the windows tablite section, Pro was a unique offer, until recently).

The Surface Book connections are also incomplete - only a pair of USB 3.0 connections, a Mini DisplayPort connector, and an SD card slot. Anyone who needs more than that will need to purchase the same compact desktop plug-in as on Surface Pro 4, at an additional cost of $ 200 Source:
The Surface Book connections are also missing - just a pair of USB 3.0, Mini connection And slot for SD cards. Anyone who needs more than that will need to purchase the same compact desktop plug-in as on Pro 4, at an additional cost of $ 200

We hope that Microsoft will see fit to continue the integration trend Dedicated on ultra-compact devices, at more attractive prices - and officially in the Holy Land, similar to what we long for Pro 4.

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