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Microsoft and Qualcomm Collaboration Waiting Inside: Meet Surface Pro X

The new tablet that will push forward the version of 10 designed for architecture Will do it with Powerful and interesting called SQ1

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Microsoft has surprised us both with software and hardware - with the new Surface Pro X being a dual hardware surprise, both because it is an ultra-expensive tablet with a chip That carries an initial price tag of no less than 1,000 dollars and is due to the same chip Which is responsible for operating it and is the first of its kind cooperation between two huge companies.

The Surface Pro X is not a discount brother of the Surface Pro 7, but perhaps the other way around - it's a new creation with an 13 x 2,880 pixel resolution with a rounded and thinner frame than we've seen in all previous Surface models, LPDDR1,920X memory Built-in 4GB or 8GB at a nice 16MHz speed, NVMe drive for replaceable and upgradeable M.3,733 configuration (ie not wired on motherboard), 2 watt stereo speakers each, receiver Built-in 5 megapixel selfie camera with facial recognition technology support and 10 rear megapixel camera, connecting pair Type-C, connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channel, Connectivity 5.0 and a battery that should run for about 13 working hours and enjoy fast charging up to 80 percent of capacity within an hour.

Renewed larger screen design, with familiar rear leg and enhanced keyboard cover that allows the touch pen to be hidden in a safe and comfortable place

The tablet body is made of anodized aluminum with a tiny thickness of only 5.3 millimeters and a weight of 762 grams (not including a keyboard cover), with a silent passive cooling system inside and with the same comfortable built-in leg that we know from other modern Surface Pros. It's an absolutely impressive machine in all aspects, with a price that illustrates this well: 1,000 dollars as the basis for a model with 8GB of dynamic memory and drive Of 128GB supports a nimble NVMe standard, 1,300 dollars for a model with 8GB's And drive Of 256GB and no less than 1,700 dollars per model with Of 512GB and memory of 16GB.

As always in the seriesHere, too, the accompanying products that star in all images are sold separately, and dearly: the new rechargeable touch pen will cost as little as 145 dollars while the keyboard will be priced at 140 dollars - and for a bundle of both you will be required to pay 270 dollars

For devout hardware enthusiasts, the Microsoft SQ1 chip created in collaboration with Qualcomm may be at the heart of the announcement. This is a custom version of the Snapdragon 8cx chip introduced earlier this year as the engine for Windows on , With a maximized 3GHz operating frequency for the inside Kryo 495 cores and a built-in graphical kernel called Adreno 485 that guarantees processing performance of up to 2,100GFLOPS in 16 Bit precision calculations, or 1,050GFLOPS in 32 Plus core precision calculations In the new Ice Lake processors from home .

Efficient looking inside - with That are supposed to challenge those of modern Intel chips

Microsoft also boasts the ability of the 690 Hexagon engine within the SQ1 to provide computational learning performance of up to 9TeraOps (or TOPS) - all together under a basic 7 watt power supply casing alone, and with a declaration of triple operation efficiency over Coffee Lake processors The mobile devices that are inside the company's Surface Pro 6 devices. The added significant bonus of the SQ1, as all Another from the same family of , Is the built-in mobile modem that enables communication support With a maximum download rate of 1.2Gbps - so any SQ1-based device can enjoy fast connectivity almost anytime, anywhere, if the consumer so chooses.

A new era in Microsoft's world, with the process of becoming processors Choose not to fall from devices with processors Or AMD?

It is worth noting that Windows Is a system designed to provide a full use experience of 10, with as few compromises as possible, but chips in architecture other than x86 are still relatively limited in running applications "Veterans" from the past - but Microsoft seems far more mature than it was in the past to support this venture that started its life somewhere in Windows RT in the era of Windows RT 8, and illustrates this with the Pro X.

This interesting tablet will be on sale starting next month, with the support of its own up-to-date and dedicated keyboard covers, a touch pen that now receives a place of honor at the keyboard cover center for And charging and support for the devices The unique accompanying dial. How about the piece? Let's talk about it!

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