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Microsoft confirms and confirms: Windows 10 already runs on 110 million PCs

The free mass upgrades do the job, and the new version of Showing record popularity only about two months after it was launched

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One of the interesting announcements that were swallowed up among the many new products at the press conference Touch the new 10 window system. Microsoft has officially confirmed reports reaching the network about two weeks ago about 100 million computers updated to the new version, and announced that there are currently around 110 million computers running it.

Needless to say, this is a new record of adoption rate for an operating system, which is undoubtedly the result of the free upgrade of most of the computers running 7 and 8 windows in the market - but it is a great achievement for them , Which is adopting a new business tactic and believes it can make its profits from a host of other places and methods, after the 10 windows become the new market leader - just like the windows system For many years and as the 7 window system now.

Based on data we received about a month ago, 53 was said to have a million systems installed on it 10, which has been translated into an impressive market share of about 5 percent in the fixed-line operating system universe - it seems possible to estimate the market share of 10 is now already approaching 10 percent, which is supposed to bring it closer to its existing market share 8.1 - On the way to the third place in the table, after And 7 windows that still hold about half of the entire market.

This is how the market share of fixed-line operating systems appeared about a month ago. Today, the share of 10 windows may have already doubled
This is what the distribution of the stationary operating system market looked like a month ago - today, it is quite possible that the share of 10 has already doubled itself

How long will it take for Windows 10 to be able to overshadow 7, if any? We'll see. Until then - strive for successful annexation, .

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