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Microsoft introduces two new mobile devices

Microsoft announced two new mobile phonesWindows Phone 7: God-Kin One and the-Kin Two. The goal - to make social information sharing simpler and more convenient than ever

Not long ago he was informed That Microsoft plans to launch several mobile devices that will be part of theWindows Phone 7 Its new, and now the company Official Introduces The two devices in question, which are called code name "Project Pink", After the MIX2010 exhibition She revealed New details about its plans in the cellular market.
As expected, the two new devices announced by Microsoft are designed primarily to provide easy access to popular social networks. The new mobile devices use a "castrated" version of the operating system Phone 7 and in addition to the design (which will be the same as the rest of the devices in the series), they do not include a large part of the options offered by the new operating system.

Right: Kin One, left: Kin Two

Both new models will support theZune Marketplace Which will allow listening to music and watching video content, but other services,Xbox Live, Will not support. In addition, the devices do not support third-party applications, Flash, or development software such as Silverlight.
Microsoft has chosen to focus on content sharing over the Internet - and to make it easier,Kin The new option called "The Kin Spot"- a green button with which you can drag text messages, pictures or clips And instantly share them with one of the social networks. Another new option is the"Kin Studio", A service that allows you to access content on your mobile device over the Internet from anywhere. Contacts, photos, snippets , Text messages and events - all of which can be viewed from anywhere, if you choose to allow it, of course.
Service"Kin Studio" Can also be used if you want to keep a backup of information stored on your mobile device - so if for example the device is lost or destroyed for any reason, you can restore the information in its entirety. In addition, it is possible to simply store certain files directly on the server , So the standard storage of devices is not really limited.

Technical data

God-Kin One Is a relatively small device with a minimal keyboard, which slides under the screen. Besides the keyboard, the device also features a 2.6-inch touch screen withMultitouch, Internal 4GB memory and a camera with 5MP sensor (plus flash). God-Kin Two Is a device with a slightly larger and wider keyboard, and includes a touch screen with support forMultitouch Sized 3.5-inch, two speakers, With an 8MP sensor and flash and an internal memory volume. Both devices are capable of recording video and include built-in radio, GPS Compass Built-in memory In 256MB volume,Wi-Fi And of course,Bluetooth.
The devices will be available in the United States already in May this year and in Europe a few months later - when it is not yet known what their price will be.
Microsoft's two new devices do have some potential for success because they offer effective and immediate sharing tools - while social networks are catching up Great acceleration in recent times. However, the variety of new sharing services embedded in the devices can cause leakage of sensitive and personal information into the wrong hands.
The bottom line, even if the devices of the Will indeed become popular among certain age segments, it is difficult at this stage to see them taking over a significant market share, at least as long as the company is not an actress with a real impact on the cellular market.


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  1. Another known failure
    IPhone is cheap and perfect,
    There's no way to compete with him, either
    If the devices were offered
    They half knew they would not compare
    For the iPhone, because that's how its price went completely.
    So there is no chance against him.

  2. Cheap and perfect iPhone?
    IPhone - Weak processor with no camera flash or extra memory, no battery replacement = expensive gimmick!

    You will see HTC HD2 and start drooling

  3. Saul: Answers
    Cheap iphone. As a programmer I can say
    To you that flash is a dying technology that is unnecessary,
    And very good that blocked her. Another thing, no need
    To replace a battery, my iPhone has lived for days
    Without charging (turn off wifi) and about the camera, this whole section of the camera on this phone is a gimmick for kids of 12. If you want to take a photo, shoot with a real camera, with dedicated technology for that.
    A camera should not be in your buy into a cellphone, just an interface and capabilities, and the iPhone has something that no other platform has -> hundreds of thousands of unique apps, that make it an unquestionable king.

  4. Get out of the movie !!!!
    Why are you passionate about the iPhone? It's just a fucking cellphone whose screen quality equals to a camera and besides it's just a device for apps that every time you want to add something you need it to, with high screen quality, it's just Nokia N900 !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good with me, so you'll enjoy your Nokia
    And I'm from my iPhone.
    You can scream here until tomorrow and put another billion
    Exclamation marks, that won't change the simple fact
    That my iphone is perfect :) yes i love it
    Terrible, and yes, I can play monkey island on him right out of bed, with his amazing touch screen, and enjoy the rope on time
    Hundreds of other apps, while you ... take pictures
    All kinds of photos with the camera in your cell phone costume.

  6. Answers to vsync
    One as a programmer and computer man for many years Flash is a technology that has been very powerful in the Internet world and there are almost no websites that use it one way or another.
    Saul's intention was to have a camera flash and it is true that the "camera" on the phone does not replace a dedicated camera but that you will have a car accident at night will understand why a camera flash.
    No need to replace a battery - no fools change - no matter how long you charge the phone iPhone requires 3 times from any other phone but not terribly laid out but it needs to be replaced and done only in Apple's US labs and for about a month and a half you will not Phone then we'll talk
    And one last thing when you say gimmick then the iPhone as a phone (without all the "apps = games" is one of the worst phones in terms of recording brain-burning transmission and the like
    So if you don't want a gimmick buy a phone and not an iPhone.
    To say here that I really like gimmicks and also love the iPhone, but I would like to see competitors

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