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Minimum size, maximum speed: Samsung launches high-performance microSD card

The Korean giant may have given up slots to expand storage in its flagship devices this year, but that does not mean it is giving up the market. fully

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Earlier this year, we saw Samsung revolutionizing the world of built-in smart storage, when it was the first to include Chip in the new UFS 2.0 standard (Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge), and now seems to want to do the same in the world of miniature memory cards, with a new model for its Pro Plus series.

The company announced a new microSD card, the volume of 128GB, which claims to be one of the fastest in the entire category with reading up to 95 megabytes per second, and writing at up to 90 megabytes per second. Not bad at all for a product less than a fingernail.


There is no model of 200GB as in , Unfortunately - at least, right now

The new card is defined as primarily intended for recording and playing content at resolutions (With no record of any compression method based on this figure, but this is certainly not an uncompressed content), and also IP4 resistance in water, high immunity to extreme temperatures of between minus 7 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, resistance to shocks and shocks, immunity to X-rays and high magnetic-radiation immunity (such as that of an MRI machine, for example). It also comes with ten years of warranty, to price this toughness.

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The new model joins a wide range of products that it has built for itself In the field in recent times

Enthusiastic? A very high price of 200 dollars may cool this excitement somewhat, but in general it is a very positive step, which will put pressure on the veteran competitors And Kingston to offer their high-end models at more competitive price tags.

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Performance of the 32GB version of the Pro Plus card - not bad at all in terms of the world of, And we hope that the improved volume in the new model can provide even better data

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